Apex Legends Mobile adds fan-favorite legend and a new battle pass in the Cold Snap update

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What you need to know:

  • Apex Legends Mobile's first major update, Cold Snap, launches this week.
  • The update adds new, limited-time features and events to the game's map. 
  • The update also introduces Loba, a popular character from the PC and console versions of the game, to the Mobile version. Players can queue up as Loba starting this Thursday, June 16. 

EA and Respawn have released the first major update for Apex Legends Mobile's first season. Not only does the update add new changes to the game's map and systems, it also adds Loba, a beloved character from the original versions of the game, as well as a new battle pass, and a new limited-time mode.

The biggest change to the battle royale's map is the Climatizer, which will cover different points of interest in snow and frost, changing the loot players might find in affected locations. It also allows players to find diamonds, which can be used to unlock cosmetics in the Season 1 shop. The Climatizer also adds a new grenade to Apex Legends Mobile's weapon pool.

The Cold Snap update also introduces a new battle pass, with two separate tiers; Battle Pass Premium and Battle Pass Premium Plus. Both battle passes include three legend skins, two weapon skins, various item rewards, and 800 syndicate gold. The Battle Pass Premium Plus also boasts 80% bonus BP gain, 500000 BP experience (10 BP level), and a Limited Avatar Frame.

Players can unlock Loba, the Translocating Thief, by progressing in the battle pass or purchasing her in the store starting June 16. For a full list of every update made to Apex Legends Mobile, you can read the list of patch notes here.

Cold Snap also introduces a new limited-time mode, called "Armed and Dangerous: Shotguns and Snipers Only." In the new mode, players will only be able to find shotguns or snipers, forcing players to engage in close-quarters combat and ranged clashes.

Respawn's promised more updates in the future, and considering that some of the playable Legends from the console and PC versions haven't made their way to the mobile game yet, it's safe to assume that future updates will bring other characters into the fold. Players can download the Cold Snap update from the Google Play Store today.

Charlie Wacholz
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