GameStop to carry the Nexus 7 as well, starts accepting pre-orders

Ordering online is not something that everyone wants to do, for folks like myself the instant gratification of purchasing and taking home the same day is rather important. GameStop has announced that they will be selling the Nexus 7 in stores and they have began their pre-ordering process as well. To spice up the deal, and bring folks in they will be accepting trade ins on other tablets, and any trade ins that are done specifically towards the purchase of the Nexus 7 will gain you an extra 30% in store value. GameStop understands that Android tablets are becoming increasingly popular, and many gaming customers are looking towards the purchase of tablets for their on the go experience, and they hope to capitalize on this with offering the Nexus 7 in store instead of having customers have to wait to purchase it online. So, will you be ordering from Google Play, or looking for some old items to trade in and grabbing one from GameStop?

GameStop Taking Pre-Orders on New Google Nexus 7 Tablet

Trades of popular Android tablets now accepted in all U.S. stores

GRAPEVINE, Texas--(BUSINESS WIRE)--GameStop (NYSE: GME), the world's largest multichannel retailer of video games, has again expanded its mobile electronics business with new trade-in and pre-order programs. The company is now accepting trades on a wide range of Android tablets and is taking pre-orders on the brand new Google Nexus 7 tablet (16GB). The Nexus 7, which was just announced at Google's I/O developer conference, is the first tablet to feature the latest Android OS – Jelly Bean – and will be available for $249 in mid-July.

"With the increasing popularity of Android tablets and the emerging multiscreen gaming trend, this is the ideal time to expand the program to meet the needs of our hybrid customers."

Beginning tomorrow, consumers can pre-order the Nexus 7 at all U.S. GameStop stores. GameStop customers can also take advantage of a 30% trade bonus on all items traded towards the pre-order of the Nexus 7. This includes trades of video game hardware, software and accessories as well as iDevices and eligible Android tablets.

"We've seen great consumer enthusiasm for our recommerce initiatives, particularly our iDevice trade program that launched last fall," stated GameStop president Tony Bartel. "With the increasing popularity of Android tablets and the emerging multiscreen gaming trend, this is the ideal time to expand the program to meet the needs of our hybrid customers."

For consumers looking to trade in an Android tablet, all U.S. GameStop stores are now offering instant cash or in-store credit for Android tablets from a variety of top brands. Trade values, ranging up to $250 in-store credit or $200 cash, are based on model, memory size and physical condition. GameStop also offers a recycling option to help consumers properly dispose of non-working or damaged tablets.

To learn more about GameStop's latest tablet offerings, visit

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  • I wonder if BB will also carry pre-orders. I'd rather get it from them and have free shipping at the least than pay for it from Google. I assume you don't get the $25 credit though?
  • I'm still a BB buyer because I have the credit card (no interest), reward zone silver (45 day return policy which I take advantage of), and if you find the right store you can get them to price match almost anything. Hoping they get the Nexus 7.
  • Yes you still can get the 25 dollars credit.
    Scroll down to product details in the link below
  • It looks like they just copied and pasted from Google....I doubt they could since they are able to so easily issue it like Google is doing. BUT, if they do give the same $25 credit THEN it would be pretty enticing.
  • It looks like the text with the gift card has been removed but no one will know for sure, but considering shipping is 14 its almost better just to get a gamestop even though you may have to wait an extra day
  • It looks like the text with the gift card has been removed but no one will know for sure, but considering shipping is 14 its almost better just to get a gamestop even though you may have to wait an extra day
  • I dont see how they possibly could unless google gave it to them as an individual order and they passed it on to you, which still wouldnt make sense and is highly suspect. In reading the details on googles pages its only a credit for orders placed via google play and is deposited directly into the google wallet of the account used to place said order on google play/ NO credit for pre-orders not directly from google.
  • That GameStop link isn't working at the moment, says that page has been eliminated. Also the link to the Nexus 7 from their tablet page was there a few minutes ago but now that is gone too. Wonder why they took it down?
  •'d trade in a tablet to get a tablet?
  • Pretty much :-). This is for customers who always want to latest and greatest of whatever item is out...I happen to fall in that category... Lots of money has been lost in this endeavor but I like new tech so hey :)
  • Gamestop has clearly seen the writing on the wall. Their core & most profitable business, used games, is under attack by the game publishers. As mobile gaming is a huge growth sector, & big publishers have less control in the App stores from Apple, Google, & Amazon it only makes good business sense to be a player there (retail or otherwise... Gamestop Appstore maybe?)...
  • ^^^ Trade a tablet for the Nexus 7, which is quad core = Yes!
  • Man, I'd be half-tempted to do this if I thought they'd give me anything for my OG Galaxy Tab. The back is in rough shape, but it functions just fine.
  • You know I was looking forward to this tablet but thanks...without a SD card slot and with the 8 Gig effectively only being 5.29 Gig after all the system files are in place it just doesn't do it for me.
  • Pretty sure the N7 will support USB host mode, so just plug in an external HD and get more than 32GB
  • That isn't going to help with game files. I plan on just doing Titanium Backups of my games and uploading them to my 50gb Box account when I need space for new ones. If developers would implement game saves in the cloud it would much easier to just delete and redownload a game if I ever want to go back to it.
  • It says you can trade in software and accessories, going to go through my old games when I get home and see if I can get a few dollars towards the N7!
  • Since there is no real benefit of ordering direct from Google (sales tax), why not support my local economy and buy it from GS. I have two stores within 5 minutes of my house and would like to play with it before plunking down $250+.
  • You have to pay sales tax if you order from Google Play?? That sucks. Maybe it depends on where you're ordering from?
  • Yup - and shipping ain't cheap. Together they ate up that $25 and then some...
  • AND shipping?!?! Thanks for the heads-up ... GameStop it is ...
  • The only thing Im wondering is if the play store will get priority over when its shipped versus Gamestop? Like if someone orders from the play store will they receive it before those who order from Gamestop?
  • I would assume they are from two different allotments, commercial partners and customer orders, if they both came from same bunch it would be kinda screwy i would think, logistically at least.
  • Get ready for $20-30 trade in offers on your used tablets. Regardless of how new they are. Trade ins at Gamestop are a huge f'ing joke. Pennies on the dollar.
  • I've gotten $20+ for some used games I've traded in.
  • Same here. I think I got $20+ for Ultimate Alliance 2!! Must be rare or something. Anyways. If I get $20-$30 for a relatively new tablet there's going to be a problem.
  • If you get the same offers AND do not have to pay shipping, I could throw in some old PS3 and Wii games towards the purchase of the 16GB model and save a few buck. Anyone think otherwise?
  • I was really disappointed that what I thought was going to be a $199 tablet (Nexus 7) actually wound up costing me $280 after the 8GB upgrade, tax and shipping. It would be cheaper to get a Galaxy Tab 2 7" from Amazon, and it would include expandable storage and HDMI out through an adapter. Well, now that we've confirmed that GameStop will be carrying the Nexus 7, there's the possibility of other retailers will carry it. If I can save on the shipping cost by buying locally (and using Best Buy gift cards I have), then all the better. If Amazon carries it, it would be even better, because I'd save on tax and shipping, and I can redeem Amazon gift cards I just got for Father's Day.
  • Though you would have to wait an eternity for Samsung to (Officially) update the Galaxy Tab 7...typing this from my Galaxy Tab 10.1...that's supposed to still be officially on Honeycomb.../taps foot
  • no adobe support for 4.1
  • I just swung by gamestop after reading this article. They offered me $125 for my mint condition Galaxy Tab 7.7 wifi version. That's with original box, charger, data cable and samsung book cover case. Mint condition. $125 I may buy a Nexus 7 from gamestop but I sure as hell won't be swapping my tablet there.
  • Based on this, I can probably safely assume they won't give me much for my rough-shape original Galaxy Tab. Then again, I won't be able to sell it anywhere for any amount of money, so getting anything for it would be better than nothing.
  • If anyone has a Galaxy Tab 10.1 16GB Wifi, they are offering 200 for it in exchange for a Nexus 7 preorder. Depending on what price you got the Tab for, it might be worth it. I bought mine back in July last year with a 100 dollar off coupon from Staples. So it kind of evens out for me a little.
  • Looks like the extra 30% credit must go towards a preowned device! From GameStop's website: 30% extra toward pre-owned
    Get an extra 30% in-store credit when you trade your old games toward the purchase of any pre-owned product. Full trade value must be applied toward the purchase of pre-owned product. Trades must be in full working condition to receive full value. Cannot be combined with any other offer. Trade-ins subject to manager approval. Offer valid only toward games normally accepted in trade. See store associate for details. No dealers. Offer valid in the United States, Puerto Rico and Guam only. Void where prohibited. GameStop, Inc. reserves the right to cancel, terminate, modify or suspend the offer for any reason, without notice.
    Offer valid 6/25/12 through 7/15/12
  • I just traded in my 64GB iPod touch 4th gen with scratches. I got $183 plus 30% bringing my total to $238 trade in value. I paid $250 for it on ebay earlier this year! I also get the $25 credit, and movie (which i could care a less about) Hope this helps clear up any confusion but you DO get the 30% extra trade when you preorder the Nexus 7. I was also told it will be in on July 30th.....I can wait a couple of extra weeks.
  • Good deal dude thanks, I am grabbing a few things myself and going to see what they add up to tomorrow there. Were they able to confirm that you WILL get the $25 play store credit along with the movie, book, and magazines even though your going through GS?
  • They had a flyer at the checkout with all the info on it. It was just a print out of the promo. It stated the 30% extra and the $25 play credit but I really didn't pay attention to anything else because thats all I really cared about to be honest. I was pretty happy getting $238 trade on my iPod seeing as I only paid $250 for it 5 months ago. If I wouldn't have scratched the screen I would have gotten over $260 total! I had looked on ebay and craigslist and I was seeing that I would probably only have gotten $225-$250 seeing as it was scratched and then have to deal with whoever bought it. All in all, I am happy. I'll give Android another try.
  • Very cool, thank you again, I am on my way with a bag full of stuff to GS now. Not going to get as awesome a deal as you but a discount is a discount.
  • The real question is whether or not you'd still get the $25 Google play credit, Transformers and the Bourne book. If I could get all that, trade in my Xoom and use my employee discount I'd probably be down.
  • I actually just emailed GameStop to ask them about this. If they even know, I will tell you what they tell me.
  • You get all three!
  • Ordered mine today. Gave me $288 for my ex-wife's iPhone. Can't wait!!
  • Wonder what they'd give me for a second gen iPod touch and/or an ASUS Transformer... I wasn't really looking to upgrade but if the trade in cost of the TF alone would pay for the Nexus I'd be tempted, only paid $300 for the TF during Staples promotion. I think I've come to the conclusion that I'd rather have a small 7-8.9" tablet that I can easily slip out of a bag's front pocket etc and travel with both that and a larger 13-14" laptop. All these new hybrid convertible tablets seem to be in the 10-12" range which seems really unwieldy for me, my TF's size is nice for home use but moving around or even in bed/the couch I'd like something that's easier to hold with one hand etc. I'll probably hold out for an 8.9" device or something with more ports tho, the deluge of Win8 devices should put some pressure on Android tablet manufacturers to compete in the $250-350 space that ASUS has cornered with the Nexus and even the TF300.