Gallo, Sterling, Opus One and Silver Oak Android tablets on Dell's leaked roadmap [Exclusive]

Dell's tablet roadmap has been leaked by a very reliable tipster along with Dell Android Smartphones and Dell Windows Phones, and it appears that there are four new Android tablets in the works.  According to the roadmap, we should expect the Dell Gallo, a Honeycomb tablet, sometime around April of this year. That will be followed by the Dell Sterling, running Honeycomb in Q4.  We also have the Dell Opus One and Dell Silver Oak (best name ever!) for sometime in Q1 of 2012.  The roadmap makes mention that these 2012 tablets will be running Honeycomb as well, but we wouldn't be surprised if that ends up changing. True hardcore tablet lovers will note that the Gallo is set to receive a "Handwriting" update in Q4, while the Streak 7 may get an update in Q3.

Heck, it's out our bag, but Dell also has Windows 7 tablets planned under the codenames Rosemount and Peju.

We'll be very interested to see what Dell brings to the table with these four Android tablets, and as soon as we know more you can read it here.

Be sure to check out the Dell 2011 Android Smartphones and the Dell 2011 Windows Phone roadmap!

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Jerry Hildenbrand
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  • I've had a couple of Dell laptops that have both been good computers so I definitely wouldn't mind checking out their tablet offerings. But I will probably be waiting till 2012 to get another tablet because I want to get as much as I can out of the Nook Color.
  • Did anybody else notice the 'Peju' is shown to be releasing with Windows 8?
  • I saw that, That has caught my interest
  • With the exception of Gallo, a decent selection of wines there. though I probably would have switched Silver Oak and Peju....
  • The Opus One was previously leaked as the Streak 5 update/replacement, with dual-core processor, more memory and higher-resolution screen. Let's hope it ships with Honeycomb - Dell's track record with Android updates is lousy.
  • As a Dell Streak user, I think the Dell update process is quite good and their track record isn't that bad. Better than Samsung's in the US for the Galaxy S phones
  • I'm a Streak user as well and I'm not sure how you can say that, since the US Streak users are still waiting for 2.2 - at least those who haven't opted for DJ Steve's custom ROMs.
  • I'm from the UK where the Streak has had Éclair and now has Froyo
  • Silver Joke and OldPuss One? Please. The two most over rated wines in the universe.
  • Cool--I've been to all of these wineries except Rosemount! Why wines? Are the wine qualities meant to indicate the relative quality of the tablets?
  • What, no Screaming Eagle or Scarecrow? Ehh, it's more like Nightrain. Lol