Galaxy S5 Lollipop

After Lollipop started slowly rolling out to Galaxy S5 owners in Europe, Verizon put us back on alert with the big update to its own Galaxy S5. Sprint followed suit the next day and T-Mobile pushed a couple weeks later. Even more people got in on the fun when Canadian carriers started pushing at the beginning of March.

As is the case with every major operating system update, some people are likely to hit a few snags when jumping between Android versions. There are some features and designs of Lollipop that are disliked, but there are also issues with the update process itself.

We've received a few emails to our tips inbox and read a few comments in the forums indicating there are issues, but that's also combined with plenty of folks who seem to be happy with the update. So, for those of you who have installed Lollipop on your Galaxy S5, how is the update working on your device?

Looking for some more help? Consider hopping into the Galaxy S5 forums to work through issues you're having with the latest update!