Galaxy S5

Largest two Korean operators won't be allowed sell on GS5 launch day

As launch preparations get underway elsewhere, Samsung's new Galaxy S5 is set to experience a delayed launch in the company's home country of South Korea. This is due to a sales ban imposed on Korean mobile operators by the government, according to a report from The Guardian, meaning the two biggest carriers won't be allowed to sell on launch day.

The newspaper reports that the sales ban was put in place as a penalty for subsidizing phones by more than 270,000 won, in breach of local laws. The restrictions affect new subscriptions and upgrades alike, as part of a rolling ban on sales at various carriers between March 13 and May 19. And it'll be in force for SKT and KT — the two largest Korean operators — on the planned Galaxy S5 launch date of April 11. Meanwhile the smaller LG Uplus will be open for business on April 11, though it will reportedly be subject to a sales ban from April 27 through May 18.

The ban won't single out Samsung specifically, as all smartphone subscriptions and upgrades will be affected by sales restrictions during this two-month window. However it comes at an inopportune time for the electronics giant as it prepares to launch the new flagship in its home country, effectively forcing a staggered GS5 launch in this important market.

Source: The Guardian