The Galaxy S20 is currently $200 off — are you going to get one?

Galaxy S20 Review Cloud Blue Wide Smokehouse Table
Galaxy S20 Review Cloud Blue Wide Smokehouse Table (Image credit: Ara Wagoner / Android Central)

Samsung's Galaxy S20 continues to be one of the best Android phones you can buy right now, and while we can't recommend it enough, we also understand that a starting price of $1000 is just way too much for some people.

If you've been on Amazon (opens in new tab) or Best Buy (opens in new tab) lately, chances are you've seen the S20 selling for quite a bit less than it usually does. Both retailers are currently offering an instant $200 discount, bringing the S20 down to just $800. While that's still a lot of money, it's a pretty great deal considering everything the S20 has to offer.

Taking a look through the AC forums, some of our members are taking advantage of this new promo.

Good deal. They underestimated how many Ultras they would sell so probably no need to discount it until they fulfill backordered devices.

Mike Dee

Yeah ordered the S20+, going to sell the Ultra. Overall i think I’ll be more comfortable with the size and weight of the S20+. I was late to return by the time trade in was accepted etc. Any want to buy the 512 GB Ultra off me for a good deal


I picked up an open book return S20+ in Aura Blue for $850. Order is processing and will be received by 3/31 it sooner. Thanks for the heads up.


What about you? Now that the S20 is $200 off, are you finally going to buy one?

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  • The plus is now $799 new on Swappa. Ultra for less than a grand.
  • I like the S20SERIES very much. But my S10+ is doing really swell. Even after a year of very heavy use, it's still blazing fast. Incremental upgrades are not enough reasons to upgrade, besides I'm old fashioned I still enjoy the jack? Samsung is blaming the virus on low sales. Yes, that's partly true, but the real culprit are the prices. When your base model is a g-whizz that definitely becomes the main problem! During a crisis how many consumer's are gonna fork out 15oo.oo bucks for the Ultra?
  • I kind of like the S20+. However the price is still way too much. I still use the S10+ which will work perfectly fine for the next 2-3 years. Prices of 1200.00+ USD are ridiculous. I really think prices should be : High end flagship 500 to 600 USD / middle of road 300-400 USD / basic intro models 100-200 USD
  • Might consider it if I could trade in my S8+ or Nokia 9 for an addtl $300 off...if not, I'll wait till Black Friday or see what the Surface Duo offers when it's released.