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Galaxy S Gingerbread update 'expected in next couple of weeks', says Three

Three UK has revealed via its official Twitter feed that it expects to release the Android 2.3 Gingerbread update for its Samsung Galaxy S phones "in the next couple of weeks". However, the carrier adds that it doesn't have a firm release date in mind yet.

The news follows the leaking of a Euro Galaxy S Gingerbread ROM late last month. That ROM reportedly originated from a Samsung service center, and hasn't been pushed out officially yet. If Three's timings are correct, the Galaxy S series will be among the first phones to receive an official update to Android 2.3. The HTC Desire is also expected to receive its Gingerbread update in late April or early May, according to an earlier tweet by Three. [@ThreeUK]

Alex Dobie
Executive Editor

Alex was with Android Central for over a decade, producing written and video content for the site, and served as global Executive Editor from 2016 to 2022.

  • Yeah right,
  • if this is true why did they even bother releasing Froyo???
  • They released Froyo six months ago, dumbest comment I have ever read.
  • duplicate
  • They are talking about the UK Galaxy S phones..not the US. UK carriers pushed out Froyo on their Galaxy S phones about 6 months ago.
  • It's amazing how far the Euro Galaxy S line is ahead of our US line. I don't think they deal with the carrier add- ons like we have to. Glad to hear it's coming for you guys, hope this means we will see it in a few months time in the US.
  • so i herd u liek mUdKips (UK) samsung
  • Congrats to the Brits. And F U Samsung for keeping a ball and chain around the ankles of a US Froyo Galaxy S update.
  • Totally un-freaking believable that Verizon/Samsung can't get their heads out their a$$e$ and get Froyo up and running for the U.S. before Gingerbread hits the UK. PS. Before everyone starts to chime in how they've been running Froyo for months I am talking about an official release. Besides most of us already know you are way smarter then the average user so you don't have to keep reminding us.
  • I believe that your US carrier is at fault not Samsung. It's a little strange that HTC and other manufacturers get updates but Samsung doesn't. Maybe, both sides are at fault.
  • Warpoet you are probably correct...the U.S. carriers put so much bloat onto the phones that they have way more bugs then a basic Android phone has but that's what we're stuck with in this part of the world. Next phone will be as close to stripped down as I can find and I don't care what carrier it is. I live in an area where most are about the same anyway.
  • I feel your pain. Froyo was a great improvement over earlier versions. This exact reason is why I bought Nexus One over any other phone. I'm patiently waiting for the next Nexus phone myself.
  • Yep I'm affraid the US carriers are the true culprits here. Where the rest of the world is getting Gingerbread some of us haven't gotten an official FROYO build. The EU has rules about tech businesses that we don't here. Like you buy a phone and it isn't loaded down with garbage from the carrier. As a result... they get regular, official software updates.
  • Yes folks. Please don't blame samsung for the delays on their updates. I have sprint. And Sprint has loaded crap with the froyo update. Its soo bad that the new froyo update for the Epic is the worst ever cause Sprint added Sprint ID. I just hope when the nexus s 4g comes out. Google won't let Sprint install Sprint ID.
  • So the u.s. will prolly get our updates in lik 5 or 6 months kool by then I shuld b evo 3d'ing it
  • And moto said Atrix would be one of the firsts..
  • Let the porting begin!
  • Can't wait for them to port this over to the fascinate. Even though the improvement from 2.2 to 2.3 is no where near that of eclair to froyo. For the guys still waiting for the official ota, do yourself the favor of reading up on how to root and flash. It is extremely easy with odin.
  • Hopefully this means I'll be getting 2.3 on my continuum!
  • Will dev's be able to make this version work on U.S. phones with custom ROM's ???
  • Well it depends if the source code gets leaked or not. I know that the Mesmerize is virtually the same phone as the Fascinate so we could port it over from that. The other Galaxy S phones I'm not sure about.
  • I know that ROMs from the I9000 have been ported to the Captivate and vise versa. I would think that you would only have to flash the appropriate radio for CDMA rather than the GSM one but you would have to check in at xda forums, more info there than you can shake a stick at. This is awesome news for me since I happen to have a Bell GalaxyS which is identical to the international one and so a final custom GB ROM should be right around the corner. Samsung is actually really good at releasing the source codes for official releases. Two betas have already leaked and from what I have heard so far they are super fast.
  • All, Unfortunately, there will not be any "official" ota update to Froyo/2.2 for the Fascinate from Verizon Wireless. I know there are many rumors being passed around that suggest it's "on the way," but note that there has been no new information from VZW in over 8 months now. It's unfortunate, but it is perhaps time to realize that 2.1 is a fine operating system by itself! If you really want to use Froyo on the Fascinate, please search for and install one of the surprisingly functional but abandoned versions of the firmware available from several sources. One positive note -- both Verizon and Samsung have a very ambitious product line-up planned for this year, and those devices WILL ship with Froyo/Android 2.2!! Feel free to check some of them out at Some will even include the new dual-core ARM processors!! Best, Tim
  • Tim You are a lier and misleading you need to show proof of what you say before you post crap like that
  • angryman2, If I'm a liar, show me a single shred of evidence that the Verizon Fascinate is ever going to receive an official Froyo update. I remind you that the burden of proof lies not with those pointing out some inactivity, but rather with those who make a claim. The claim here is that Froyo is on the way despite. However, over the past 9 months, there has been NO indication whatsoever from either Verizon Wireless nor Samsung that Froyo is, in fact, on the way. Where's -your- proof to the contrary? :)
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