Samsung's new top-end stylus-wielding smartphone, the Galaxy Note 8, could launch as early as August 23. While the specific date is still more speculation at this point, The Investor out of South Korea has confirmation from a Samsung executive that a launch by the end of August is absolutely the plan.

Galaxy Note 8 render

The late-August launch would line up well with the last two Note launches, though it also conflicts with some reports pointing to Samsung holding off the launch until the first couple weeks of September. This could simply be a misunderstanding of the time frame, as it's likely an August 23 launch wouldn't see the phone hit stores until at least a week later in September.

A late-August announcement and early-September retail launch makes sense.

It would also mean that once again Samsung would launch its latest Galaxy Note outside of the IFA trade show in Berlin, which starts on September 1, showing that the top-end phone has outgrown being a small act at a larger show. Particularly when rebounding from the Galaxy Note 7, we can expect Samsung to go all-out this year.

The Galaxy S8 and S8+ have already been out in the market for nearly three months, and another Note hitting the market should have the desired effect of bumping the entire "Galaxy" brand to head into the holiday season. We don't yet have a clear picture of everything Samsung will unveil with the Note 8, but early leaks point to a larger version of the Galaxy S8+'s design with an upgraded dual camera and new S Pen features.

Samsung Galaxy Note 8


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