Galaxy Note 8 to allegedly have '3D Touch' feature

Samsung logo at a press event booth
Samsung logo at a press event booth (Image credit: Android Central)

According to The Investor, the Samsung Galaxy Note 8 will include a feature similar to Apple's 3D Touch and Huawei's Force Touch technologies. The pressure sensitive display would allow the user to interact with the display with more forceful taps to complete certain actions.

On the Luxury Edition of the Huawei Mate S, Force Touch can be used in the Gallery application to magnify certain parts of a photograph, and used in lieu of on-screen navigation buttons. Samsung has already dabbled with this a bit with the Galaxy S8's "permanent", pressure-sensitive on-screen home button, and this technology could lead to Samsung to doing away with the navigation buttons altogether.

The Galaxy Note 8 is scheduled to be announced on August 23, and will likely use a Qualcomm Snapdragon 835 or Samsung Exynos 8895 processor, feature 6GB of RAM, a 3300mAh battery and Samsung's classic S Pen.

Tom Westrick
  • Hope this isn't true. No real value here that can't already be achieved by other means. Would be surprised if they came up with new and unique use cases.
  • Not a fan of it either. If they are which wouldn't surprise me is bec they want to show they have that iPhone feature too!
  • I don't mind the feature. If anything, it allows for developers to get a bit more creative with their apps. I want to read/see about the improvements to the S-Pen, which I'm a sucker for...
  • I would think with a pressure sensitive screen the SPen could become even more useful.
  • note series as far as I know had pressure sensitive screens since Note 3 at least. I know just by the way I could do sketching on it. Note 4 was amazing - super sensitive on the lightest pressure your pen would change colors ever so slightly.
    "3D touch" is just software implementation for specific use on pressure sensitive panel - in this case fingers.
  • Kinda. It isn't pressure sensitive in the exact same way that Apple implemented things because it was pressure points as implemented by Wacom.
    You're not really going to get any additional features from the S pen because it can already do pressure sensitivity.
  • Ok, if they do all navigation buttons this way instead of just homescreen button, that will be brilliant.
  • That is fine, I think Google proved that 3D is largely a gimmick though. Much of the same functionality (not ALL mind you, much) can be achieved with a simple long press. Hopefully Samsung integrates it into lololoolol jk we all know that won't happen at all.
  • I want stereo speakers, and alert slider, and a Android version of iMessage (so an Android phone and Android tablet can be tied together for texts and calls, also for the RCS features). Those three features are the only features that tie me to the Apple iPhone. I miss Android, but I like those features of the Apple iPhone 7 Plus.
  • Verizon's Messaging APP carries to all devices.
  • Which Samsung flagship has *ever* had stereo speakers? There's a reason they include headphones in the box, after all.
  • They have that feature already it's called Hangouts
  • lol, not even remotely close.
  • Should we also discuss the placement of the FPS?
  • Lol. 😂
  • I'm not to happy with that 3300 mah battery I hope that new processor is battery efficient they should of made it 4000 mah instead
  • I agree with you, because I never believe their claim that a more efficient processor makes up the difference. I'm not sure why I don't believe that, but it might have to do with the past 8 phones I've purchased and discovered they lied or at best, over estimated the ability of the processor. But on the other hand, if I could have had a smaller battery in the Note 7 and still had it in my hand today, I'd do that all day long. So i'm a bit torn, but I do wish they would have just made the phone wider and added a bigger battery.
  • The processor isn't the only thing that uses Power. The Screen and GPU uses the most.. If your past devices were LCD screens then they probably used several times more juice than the CPU itself. Also, weak signal strength uses more juice.
  • Exactly my sentiments.
  • Right with the s8 active with a bigger battery I do see why not also with the note
  • *long press
  • Not the same. Can you imagine a homescreen button on S8 with a long press instead of force touch? I can't.
  • iit feels and acts just like long press.
  • I'm looking forward to this feature if it's true. I've never owned any iPhone, but because of the way the feature could make things easier to use because of the lack of buttons, it made me actually consider picking up an iPhone. Needless to say, I never did, but still, I think it's a cool feature.
  • I don't care if it sings and dances. With that new aspect ratio it is still an ugly thing! What am I supposed to do once my 5 dies?!
  • Get a different phone your not required to buy a Samsung if it doesn't fit your needs
  • Get another 5.
  • Are better yet get the note 7 fe
  • I love the feature on my 6s plus. Especially when certain games integrate it in, makes for a more enjoyable experience. Don't knock it till you've tried it, it was honestly the one feature I was going to miss on my 6s plus