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Fuze Meeting -- multi-party HD collaboration app for Honeycomb

We had a look at Fuze Meeting for Android when it kicked things up a notch and released a tablet-specific application, and now they have gone a step further.  Fuze Meeting will be the first collaboration application for Honeycomb, delivering HD mobile video, full hosting abilities and pinch-to-zoom and iPoint laser technology for the Motorola Xoom.

Fuze Box says that hosts and attendees will be able to view up to 10 high resolution videos in a single instance of the app, which should give the new rendering engine in Honeycomb a run for it's money.  If they can pull it off well, this will make the Motorola Xoom a serious business tool, and a true competitor to the iPad.  Hit the break for the full press release.

Google Unveils Fuze Meeting as First HD Collaboration Application with multi-party mobile video conferencing on Honeycomb Operating System 

Motorola Xoom™ is the first tablet to offer HD collaboration and multi party video conferencing thanks to Fuze Meeting

At today’s Google event in Mountain View, CA it was revealed by Google that mobile collaboration leader Fuze Box is bringing Fuze Meeting to the Google Honeycomb Operating System (OS) with the launch of the Motorola (MOTO) Xoom™, making Fuze Meeting the first collaboration app for the platform and the new tablet.  Fuze Meeting demonstrates that the Xoom™ device with Honeycomb is the ideal tool for mobile collaboration permitting business users to be unchained from their desks and  offices with freedom to collaborate from anywhere.

Product Updates:

Fuze Meeting on the Xoom™ brings new features to the application that transforms Android tablets into virtual conference rooms. With the launch of Honeycomb devices such as the Xoom™, Fuze Meeting will include: 

·       Multi party video conferencing – with one tap, meeting hosts and attendees can view up to 10 high resolution video streams in the palm of their hands. 

·       Full hosting abilities - ability to schedule and run a meeting from your Honeycomb device

·       Pinch Zoom and iPoint™ laser technology  - Using the unique interface of a tablet, users can tightly control where attendees attention is focused.

Fuze Box will be demonstrating the latest version of Fuze Meeting during Mobile World Congress in Barcelona at Google’s booth February 14-17th 2011.

Jerry Hildenbrand
Jerry Hildenbrand

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  • What a business tool. This will help a lot.