Fuze Meeting for Android Tablets -- the virtual conference room

Fuze Box has announced its Fuze Meeting software, designed for tablets, that brings virtual conferencing to Android.  Fuze Meeting already exists for Android phones, as well as Apple and BlackBerry devices and the desktop, but the latest version has been optimized for use on the Galaxy Tab's 1024x600 screen. 

Fuze Meeting is not just a chat application.  It's an invitation-only virtual meeting, that allows users of the software to participate real time -- including sharing content from the Tablet itself.  Desktop hosts can also share their workspace with attendees, and support for hosting and desktop sharing from Tablet devices is said to be coming next year.  To top it all off, VOIP software is included on the Android application so CDMA phones can share data and voice with attendees.  Fuze Meeting is a free application, but hosting meetings requires a subscription.  You can read about pricing information here.

It's refreshing to see Tab specific content and applications geared to the business user so quickly, and if Fuze Meeting performs as well as expected, it's something to check out.  You can download Fuze Meeting for Android (including the tablet version) from Fuze (redirects to the Android Market based on your device), and we have the full press release after the break.

Fuze Meeting Turns Android Tablets into Virtual Conference Rooms with New Tablet App 

(San Francisco) Nov 11, 2010 – Today, Fuze Box is turning the Android tablet into a virtual conference room with the launch of Fuze Meeting, the ultimate mobile collaboration platform available for download at https://fuze.me/droid. With several Android tablets hitting American markets this quarter, eager enterprise customers can rest easy knowing that business-powering apps are available at launch. The company is also announcing the ability to host meetings directly from the Android device, set for launch in early 2011.

Fuze Box has become the global leader in mobile collaboration solutions. In September, Fuze Box launched Fuze Meeting for iPad, the first app that allows users to host and moderate meetings directly from their iPad. Fuze Meeting for Android Tablets joins the company’s existing platform availability on the iPhone, iPad, Blackberry, Android phone, PC and Mac.

Updated for the tablet launch, this attendee-only app for the Android tablet and phones allows users to:

  • VoIP into meetings – Users can attend a meeting via their tablet even if they don’t have a phone nearby. VoIP is also added to the Android phone app, solving persistent CDMA voice and data streaming limitations (read more)
  • Content and Desktop viewing – Only Fuze Meeting offers the ability to view a shared computer desktop real-time from an Android device. Attendees are also able to watch and listen to high-quality video and audio – start, stop and pause with the same level of functionality as meeting hosts have.
  • Share content from the tablet – Once the meeting host designates an Android attendee as a presenter, users can share video or image files by uploading directly from their device.

“We live and work in a mobile economy and our productivity should not be limited to the four walls of a conference room,” says Jeff Cavins, CEO of Fuze Box. “Now, members of a sales team on Android tablets, a prospect on an iPad, and a colleague on an iPhone can meet simultaneously and collaborate with unmatched productivity.”

Optimized for the Samsung Galaxy device, the app works best on 1024 x 600 tablets for now. Fuze Meeting will continue to optimize resolution for additional display screens as they are released. All functions available for Android tablets are also mirrored on the Android phone app, which Fuze Box originally launched in June.

Fuze Meeting for Android is available for free at https://fuze.me/droid.

Jerry Hildenbrand
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