Froyo Feature: vcf contact cards now integrated into Android 2.2

Here's a great find that comes to us from Emlil at androidscoop. Froyo now gives users the ability to import .vcf cards into contacts.  Even better, it looks like Froyo can handle the .vcf files right from the e-mail application as well as Gmail.  Emlil gives a nice walkthrough of

the process using the Gmail application, and we've attached a few pics of doing it through the regular pop mail app. 

Also very cool is the ability to share contacts as .vcf files.  Again, Emlil walks us through doing it via Gmail, so we grabbed a few snaps of doing it over bluetooth.  Business users as well as those of us with big address books will surely find a use for this one.

Jump past the break to see some more pics and a short breakdown.

(Thanks Emlil! Find a cool new feature in Froyo and want to tell the world about it? E-mail us here and we'll make you famous!)

When a .vcf file is received by the e-mail app, opening it gives you some choices.  Contacts is the choice we want.  You'll see a quick progress bar telling you the file is being read, then Shazam -- all set up in your contacts and ready to go.

Would you pay $19.95 for this?  Don't answer yet, there's more!  You can send .vcf cards too.  Let's send one over Bluetooth from a Nexus One to my trusty HTC Hero.  No, the Hero has no idea what to do with the file, but we're just showing the sending process :P

Hit the menu button while you're looking at a contact, and you see the option to share it

When you select share, you'll get a dialog asking you how you want to share it.  If you select Bluetooth, you'll need to pick a device from your list of paired devices

Over on my Hero, I get a dialog telling me there's a Bluetooth request.  If I say yes, I'll see a pop up window and a notification telling me there's a file incoming.  Check it out below

authorize me please!


Check the notification and you see that you need to accept the file transfer.  Since I know this Jerry fellow, I'll allow it :).  When it finishes you get another notification up top.  Have a look.

trust me :)

file received

Now if I had some good old Froyo lovin' on my Hero, I could open the .vcf file with contacts and start all over again.  Froyo's looking better every time I use it!

Jerry Hildenbrand
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