Droid X reset

If you're one of those folks who is less than pleased with your Droid X after the Froyo update, this one's for you.  Android Central Forums member Fabrian was at wit's end, and even talked of ditching his X (blasphemy!) because of the random bugs, general weirdness, and plain old unsatisfactory performance of his unit since the update.

His last-ditch effort and ingenuity seems to have paid off.  The secret?  He has completely disabled the Froyo feature that restores data from previous installs.  It's really just a matter of turning off the automatic restore feature before logging back into your Google account. It's a little odd that "Automatic Restore" is still checked by default, even when "Back up my data" isn't, but there you go.

The method isn't too painful and does require one more factory reset, but the payoff appears to be a much smoother experience. Makes sense, too -- restoring data from Eclair to Froyo probably isn't a very good idea even if it is convenient. 

We've verified it here, a hard reset in Froyo isn't really a hard reset, as things come back by themselves.  Follow Fabrian's instructions, and you will have a pristine Froyo installation on your Droid X (or Nexus One -- Sense on Froyo has no setting for this that we could find).  Any troublemaking leftovers will be no more, and won't get downloaded and installed automatically again.  If you're being plagued with myriad tiny bugs in your Droid X after the update, give it a try!  [Android Central Forums] Thanks Fabrian, nice sleuthing!