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Fring brings group video chat to the mix, Qik and Skype scowl from the sidelines

I know Qik and Skype have been all the rage lately, pushing out major updates and whatnot, but we shouldn't forget about our video chatting friends at Fring.

Fring is priding itself on another first in the video chat arena, introducing group video chat before its competitors. Group video chat supports up to four people simultaneously, and if this video is any indication, can lead to some pretty sweet spontaneous jam sessions.

Download links and full PR are after the break.

fring launches World's 1st Group Video Calls on iPhone & Android

fring’s Group Video Calling brings 4 friends together at the same time, anywhere, 4 free

London, United Kingdom, 27 April 2011. fring, the mobile communication service that pioneered mobile video over internet calls in 2009, today announces the world’s first mobile group video calls for iPhone & Android devices.

With fring’s Group Video calling, four fring friends can now share a simultaneous video call, for free, on their mobile phone (on Wi-Fi, 3G or 4G) using fring’s proprietary DVQ™ technology, that delivers the highest quality video for all four participants.

fring is the 1st company to bring mobile Group Video calling across platforms, for free, so that users can see all their friends at the same time, and on one screen. fring’s service unshackles users from their PCs, and frees them from heavy PC-based Group Video calling fees.

“fring leap-frogs sluggish, expensive PC Group Video Calling solutions by giving users the world’s 1st mobile Group Video service, free. There is no reason why users need to run home to their PC in order to have a ‘spontaneous’ video call with their friends and family. Users love seeing all their friends at the same time, on one screen, but want to be able to do it, when and where they want,” said Avi Shechter, Co-Founder & CEO of fring. “Just as fring was the 1st to liberate video calls from the PC back in 2009, we are the 1st to give users the ability to see all their friends on their phone at the same time, anywhere. This video call revolution lets fringsters be free to get together, wherever.”

In addition to free Group Video calling, fring enables users to make free 2 way video calls, voice calls and chat with friends on Android, iPhone/iPod touch & Nokia Smartphones.

  • It's because 2 isn't enough!
  • I wish more friends of mine used Video chat... this could be so much fun. BTW- Timestamp 1:01 = Priceless!!
  • all useless to me since they can't communicate to a computer. ooVoo all the way.
  • I totally agree, it might have 16 simultaneous video calls, but while it doesn't haves a PC client it is totally useless, thats why I uninstalled it
  • So they advertise a way to have 4-way video toilet sessions now? :P I must be out the loop on what's hip in the video calling world these days LOL.... .....all together now andddddddd........releaseeeeeeeeeeee
  • LOL - my sentiments exactly.
  • Fring is pretty cool. it would be way better if they released a pc/mac application so we could cross platform video conference.
  • and they're all using iThings wah wah waaaaaaaaaah
  • Why don't they get 1 on 1 video calls down before doing more crap that doesn't work!?
  • Please bring it to The Playbook, this would be so cool on a bigger screen.
  • I use Fring quite a bit already (love it) but there is no way the video call quality is that good and for four users too! On WiFi perhaps but the YT video above doesn't clearly indicate it now does it?