FreedomPop to sell its own Intel-based smartphone in 2016 for less than $200

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FreedomPop the budget-based wireless carrier, has offered access to its network with smartphones that were not made specifically for the service. That will change in 2016, as FreedomPop plans to release its own branded smartphone designed to work with the carrier.

Re/code reports that FreedomPop's phone will have a processor made by Intel. FreedomPop CEO Stephen Stokols said that the phone itself will be made by a well-known name in that market but did not reveal the specific company:

Details of the phone itself are being tightly held by Intel and FreedomPop, though Stokols described it as aiming to pack as much technology as possible into a device that can sell for less than $200.Intel is also taking an ownership stake in FreedomPop, as part of an investment round that closed earlier this year. The round, announced at $30 million in June, ended up being $36 million with the investment from Intel and another strategic partner, Stokols said.

FreedomPop is currently available in the US and UK, and offers users a small amount of talk and data time for free per month, and charges for additional time. It also offers access to over 10,000 Wi-Fi hotspots for $5 a month.

Source: Re/code

John Callaham