Fossil's Q54 Pilot is a smartwatch for the analog lovers

Fossil is adding to its Q Series of connected accessories, with the Q54 Pilot that is geared towards those who love analog watches. Unlike its Founder, the Q54 Pilot won't have a display, and instead will notify with the use of vibration and colored LEDs. So, with this watch, you won't see the content of the notification, instead you will just know that you have one, and with the customizable LED colors you can quickly identify which app it came from. The watch will be available starting in spring 2016, priced between $175 and $215.

In addition to the new smartwatch, Fossil is also debuting two new fitness trackers, the Q Reveler and Q Dreamer. Finally, the company is revamping its mobile application with some new and improved features and functionality. Full details can be found below.

Press release:

Fossil Announces a New Wearable, Curious Colors, and Enhanced Features at 2016 CES

LAS VEGAS, Jan. 5, 2016 /PRNewswire/ -- Following the successful launch of its wearables line last Fall, Fossil unveils its newest addition—Q54 Pilot—along with colorful new straps and enhanced Fossil Q companion app features. Fossil is presenting the new products and features at the 2016 International Consumer Electronics Show (CES) in Las Vegas.

Fossil's Q54 Pilot smartwatch. Fossil Q is a line of fashionable wearables showcasing the design excellence, expert craftsmanship and bit of whimsy that defines Fossil. With the addition of Q54 Pilot, the line now includes three types of smartwatches: the Q Founder (display), Q Grant (non-display) and Q54 Pilot (non-display). The line also has two styles of activity trackers: the Q Reveler and Q Dreamer.

"As a brand, we are really proud and excited about the initial response to Fossil Q wearables—to date it has exceeded our expectations. Given that, we are more committed than ever to bring our design expertise as watchmakers into the wearable technology space," said Jill Elliott-Sones, chief creative officer at Fossil. "Today at CES, we are thrilled to show off the next generation of Fossil Q wearables and look forward to introducing CES to the playful and curious world of Fossil."

New Styles A smartwatch for analog watch lovers—the Q54 Pilot is inspired by vintage aviation and powered by connectivity. Designed using Fossil's original Pilot 54 case and chronograph movement, this stainless steel wrist essential is a classic must-have for everyone.

This new non-display smartwatch is a decidedly fashionable take on wearable tech allowing you to receive filtered LED color-coded or buzz notifications from your favorite contacts, apps, or keywords. It also tracks everything from steps to calories all while prompting you to complete weekly curiosity challenges. Fossil's Q54 Pilot is engineered with Intel Innovation® and compatible with Android and iOS operating systems. It will be available in stores in early Spring and retails for $175-$215.

The Q Dreamer was introduced in Fall 2015 as the first activity tracker that looks like a bracelet (and goes with everything). It receives filtered notifications from your favorite contacts, apps, and keywords and tracks everything from steps to calories all while cueing you to complete creative weekly curiosity challenges. For Summer 2016, Fossil is adding two sophisticated new styles to the Q Dreamer collection: tortoiseshell and shimmer horn. These will be in available in stores in late Spring and retail for $145.

  • Tortoiseshell: Tortoise acetate and rich brown leather combine in this ever-elegant activity tracker. Classic gold-tone hardware completes the look.
  • Shimmer Horn: Truly timeless and oh-so wearable, this chic activity tracker features luxe shimmer horn acetate offset by lovely rose gold-tone hardware and supple sand leather.

New Straps With interchangeable straps, you can change the look of your Fossil Q wearable to make it even more personal. New strap colors and materials on display at CES include seaglass and blush for women as well as silicone stripes in grey and navy for men. Expect to see these on sale beginning in late January.

New Features for Fossil Q app A new software update (version 1.1) for all Fossil Q wearable devices brings features and enhancements inspired by our users. These include:

  • Enhanced Activity Reporting – We've enhanced our app refresh rate. Now when you open the app, the very latest step total will be displayed.
  • Good Vibrations – You can now choose one of three notification vibration patterns: steady, echo and rapid.
  • Profile Photos – Add/change your profile photo.
  • More App Support – Q Notifications now supports 17 additional apps – including Delta, Misfit, PayPal, Tinder, Venmo, and others, bringing the total supported to 50.
  • Additional Languages – Four additional languages have been added to the Fossil Q app: Traditional Chinese, Simplified Chinese, Dutch and Italian.

The entire line of Fossil Q wearables is engineered with Intel® Innovation and is compatible with Android™ 4.4 and higher, iPhone 5 and above (running iOS 8.2 and higher) and connects via Bluetooth technology. Each Fossil Q wearable comes with an elegant wireless charging dock.

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