Fossil's smartwatches now come with the best watch face customization app

Fossil Gen 5e
Fossil Gen 5e (Image credit: Amazon)

What you need to know

  • Facer will now come installed on new Fossil watches, specifically the Fossil Gen 5 and Gen 5e.
  • It's a partnership that starts from this week and gifts Fossil users with easy access to a popular smartwatch customization tool
  • Facer will also give Fossil owners 30 free days of Premium membership.

Getting a new Fossil smartwatch? Facer, one of the nicest watch face customization apps, will now come pre-installed on Fossil's smartwatches. We'll see the fruits of this partnership from this week on new Fossil Gen 5 and Gen 5E watches.

The company announced the move on its blog, alongside with a few benefits for Fossil buyers:

  • Fossil watches with Facer pre-installed will also have a free 30 day trial to Facer Premium. It normally costs around £37/$50 for a year's subscription.
  • Fast access to Facer out of the box without needing to install a separate app.
  • Curated watch faces, and access to Facer's substantial selection of watch faces out of the box.

Facer's app is a popular one for those into smartwatch customization, and it's been downloaded over 5 million times just going off the Play Store listing. It also supports Samsung's Galaxy-branded smartwatches, and now boasts up to 100, 000 watch faces.

While most preloaded apps are regarded as unnecessary bloatware on smartphones, well made and functional apps in this vein are often excused — especially if you would have installed them anyway. If you're planning on buying one of Fossil's latest smartwatches, you probably won't mind taking advantage of this new integration.

Fossil Gen 5e Stainless Steel

Fossil Gen 5E Smartwatch

Fossil's Gen 5E smartwatch offers all the essential features that you expect from a smartwatch in 2020. It comes with a vibrant AMOLED display, 5 ATM water resistance, music storage, a PPG heart-rate sensor, and rapid charging support.

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