Fossil has only recently stepped into the wearable space with its Q line of accessories, and now the company is expanding upon its initial release. The Q Founder was the company's first Android Wear-powered smartwatch, and now it has announced the Q54 Pilot, a smartwatch made for the analog lovers.

Instead of featuring a full touch screen display, the Q54 Pilot is more of an analog watch, with some smart features to it. Notifications are handled through a vibration to let you know one has arrived, along with a blinking LED. Each notification type will have its own LED color, so you can quickly and easily see what is going on without having to take out your phone.

While a little less helpful in the sense that you can't see who is texting you, or the contents of the message, this is great for those who want to keep style first, while having the added alerts to keep them informed without being face-down in their phone all day.

The Q54 Pilot will be available in spring 2016, and it will be priced between $175 and $215, depending which version you opt for.