From the Forums: What else can you do with the NVIDIA Shield?

We all knew the controls were great for games, but did you know they're also a really cool way to navigate the UI?

As release day for the NVIDIA Shield gets closer, I know plenty of us are thinking of the games we're going to download and play on the Tegra-powered clamshell. I know I am, and so is Forums Moderator Team Leader Kevin O'Quinn. Hell, half of what we talk about is about the Shield, because both of us can hardly wait. Today, he showed me this video that makes things even more awesome.

I've used a game pad to navigate Android on my Transformer Prime, but this looks like an entirely new -- and better -- experience. The joysticks will scroll and pan, and the 5-inch LCD delivers all the same great content you would get from any other Android device. 

I'm hooked, and knowing that the controls work for more than just games has me even more excited. Have a look at the video, then be sure to head into the forums and join the discussion.

What ELSE can you do with SHIELD?

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  • I'm looking forward to Shield, I just wish I could get a solid answer on what games are supported. Is it only certain games? Games that work fine in Steam Big Picture Mode?
  • Do you mean which games are supported for the streaming feature?
  • I would like to know as well, I like to play COD and Battlefield on my PC, but they require a minimum 2.5 GH processor with at least 2 gb ram and a decent graphics card on your PC to play them, I don't think this shield thing is going to be able to handle that. Also newer games coming out and have come out need better specs than that to play, like SWTOR. Curious to know how this is going to work , with what games, and will it even be optimized to run popular games. Also I read that you won't be able to connect to the games you have already bought in Google play which really sucks.
  • After watching every possible NVIDIA video about the Shield that I can find, I think you are misunderstanding. Firstly, being able to play COD and Battlefield on the Shield will only be possible by streaming from the PC. In other words, the PC still does all the heavy lifting and sends an MP4 video stream to the Shield while allowing the controls responses to be sent back to the PC. Secondly, in one of the videos, NVIDIA reps specifically say that the TEGRAZONE is just a front end to the Play store. Any games that you have purchased on Play already will work on the Shield, just not all of them may work with the game pad itself. Although, I see a time in the near future where most developers will be adding gamepad support by default. Jonn
  • good question buddy. from what i have gathered, originally steam streaming will only support the 5~ or whatever games listed. but they plan to expand it. depending on the size of the team nvidia has dedicated to making games streamable and the popularity of it, this could mean anything from vary few more games added.. to nearly everything that works with big picture mode and maybe more. and honestly i hope they open it up to allowing gamers to test different games themselfs and help nvidia in the process. as far as android gaming goes, i would say you could play any game that will run on tegra devices so long as the devs of the games update their games with tegra 4 support(if they don't already)
  • Games with controller support should work. It's a beta, though, and can be made better with the help of the community.
  • looking so forward to shield. i can hardly wait.
  • There will be some special games for SHIELD when it released. I read on nVision, there are 25 games, and 2 of them is ARMA Tactics which already release at Google PlayStore, and another is Dead on Arrival 2. I think in future time, games in Android will be like on PC. it will support wide hardware, but differs in graphic setting. If you have Tegra 4, I bet you can benefit lots of its GPU power to get more awesome graphic effects. For me, buy SHIELD, Tablet or Smartphone base Tegra 4 SoC will not be disappointed. Even in benchmark number, they not faster compared to Adreno or PowerVR, but in reality having them will benefit in Tegra special game.
  • Having gamepad to play game really gave another level of satisfaction. I Have mogA Pro Controller. Playing Modern Combat 4, Dead Trigger & Shadowgun, really gave me another excitement. But mogA Pro controller have big downside on software (mogA Pivot). Game that supported mogA Pro controller need to be run via that software. If not, the game will force exit. And your mogA Pro controller will lost BT connection with your device. You need to force close the Pivot app, unpair mogA Pro, then do all over again to pair your device to mogA controller. That's really annoying. But the weird thing is when game not 100% supported by mogA Pro controller, but support controller (any kind) such ShadowGun, you can run it directly without mogA Pivot, but you need to use MogA Pro Controller mode B. Which you need to manually mapping the button. But it works good. So in conclusion, mogA Pro Controller is good, but still lack in Pivot Software. It really annoying to unpair and pair again when sometimes I forgot to run the game via Pivot. So in SHIELD I expect much better then that, because it already built in gamepad. No BT annoyance. So I really look forward for this device. And hope Android Central give depth review ASAP when SHIELD already shipped.
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