A dirty phone

Phones are nasty dirty. They are covered with germs and dirt and all manner of things that make your skin crawl. When the dirt becomes visible, most of us will want to clean things up a bit. So, what's the best way to do that?

This is one of the things they're talking about in the forums — making dirty phones clean again. It's an important thing to talk about, because if you do it the wrong way you might end up with a clean phone that no longer works. While you might just run your Galaxy S6 Active through the dishwasher or something (don't do that) or a car wash (really don't do that), most phones aren't something you can take to the sink and wash clean.

So get into the forums and share how you clean a dirty phone. Or get in there if you need ideas, or never knew there was a best way to keep them clean. Spoiler — apparently using alcohol is not the right way and can leave white gunk on your screen forever.

AC Forums: How do you clean your phone?