Best Valentine's Day Gifts for the Practical Techie in 2020

Practically perfect gifts
Practically perfect gifts (Image credit: Ara Wagoner / Android Central)

Take it from a woman who knows: traditional Valentine's gifts aren't the ones you remember. The Valentine's gift I remember most fondly from my first boyfriend were Runts that were sorted by color for me because they were given to me with three white, pink, and red heart-covered Altoids tins, which I've used years after I ate all the candy. Giving a practical gift that your partner will use every day can let a day's expression of love echo for months or years. These gifts are practically perfect in every way — and most of them are pretty to boot!

Go big or go small, just go practical!

I know big showy gifts are all the rage, but really, it's hard to go wrong with a phone grip like PopSockets that will save your love's hands from decades of joint pain — like my left pinky, which is yelling at me as I type this. Another oft-overlooked and ultra-helpful accessory that can showcase a little nerdy levity is the Plinrise Dinosaur Phone Stand, which comes in just about every color you could imagine, and works well as a desk figurine when not propping up your phone for those sexy long-distance video chats.

If you want a more meaningful gift for your lover this Valentine's Day, first make sure they actually need what you're buying them. A fitness-oriented smartwatch like the Samsung Galaxy Watch Active 2 can be a really nice gift that they'll wear every day and every night, but some women can also see it as an offensive gift if they think it means "you need to get in shape." If your partner is always complaining about their current laptop, a Chromebook like the pretty pink Lenovo C340-11 can let them work on a lighter, faster machine while out and about and let them leave the older, slower Windows/Mac at home for more intensive projects. Just pay attention to what your partner needs and wants and find a gift that proves that you listen, and you care!

Ara Wagoner

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