MWC 2019

We're still a few days away before Mobile World Congress 2019 officially begins, but that hasn't stopped phones from leaking left and right before they're properly unveiled.

The latest device to do this is the unannounced Huawei Mate X.

A photo taken (presumably in Barcelona where MWC takes place) is making the rounds on Twitter showcasing a construction crew installing a billboard for the Mate X. As you can see, this will be Huawei's first foldable phone.

Samsung just wowed us with its Galaxy Fold announcement on February 20, but the way the Mate X folds appears to be different. Rather than having an outer display and then a larger one that you access by unfolding like the Galaxy Fold does, the Mate X appears to have a single panel that serves as both the outer and inner screen. This means the outer display is a lot bigger than what the Galaxy Fold offers, but it also results in a lot of screen constantly being exposed to potential scratches and cracks.

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Along with a picture of the Mate X, we can also see some promotional text that appears to claim it as the "world's first foldable 5G phone." Samsung is releasing a 5G variant of the Galaxy Fold at some point, but this could mean that Huawei will be first to market.

Assuming this turns out to be legit, are you looking forward to the Huawei Mate X? Now that we know the Galaxy Fold will cost $1,980, how much do think this will sell for? Let us know down in the comments.

The Samsung Galaxy Fold is my kind of experiment