Flir One

Flir has been making great strides in the world of small and relatively inexpensive thermal cameras, and a big part of that experience has been software. An update to the Flir One Android app rolling out today improves that experience with new camera and video modes, as well as a new OTA update mechanism that lets the Flir One app update the firmware on the camera directly.

The plug and plan Flir One camera is a lot of fun if you've got the $250 to spend, especially if you've got a handful of phones nearby and you want to see which one gets hotter, but it's also got some serious industrial and service applications. Today's update adds a new Panorama Mode to the Flir One camera mode, an a new Time Lapse Mode to the Flir One video mode. These new camera modes are in line with the other camera modes, and plays nice with all of the thermal filter color modes you have access to when capturing. The only problem you run into with a thermal panorama is capturing something with extremes. Something well over 300 degrees for example makes everything around it seem much cooler in a thermal image, and if you're stitching a large image that can cause some color distortion.

The update should be rolling out to everyone today, though when you connect your Flir One again there will be an additional prompt to install a new firmware update to the camera. It should only take a minute, after which you'll be ready to enjoy the new features.