Flash Player now available in the Android Market (just bugfixes)

If you've got Flash installed on your device you'll want to make sure you grab the latest update Adobe has just rolled out. v10.1.105.7 is now showing as available in the Android Market. We'd love to tell you from the changelog what, exactly, is new but since Adobe neglected to include one we were forced to ask them ourselves. Upon doing so we can now confirm that it's just a bug-fix release.

That all said, we'll use this space to make a plea to Android developers out there. If you update your app in the Market place and it's just bug fixes, let us know it's just bug fixes. Leaving your change log unchanged when changes have clearly been made is kind of frustrating. Even if it's just big fixes we'd like to know. It really is better to just say "bug fixes" than nothing at all. Rant over, hit the break for the latest Flash download.