Flash Player now available in the Android Market (just bugfixes)

If you've got Flash installed on your device you'll want to make sure you grab the latest update Adobe has just rolled out. v10.1.105.7 is now showing as available in the Android Market. We'd love to tell you from the changelog what, exactly, is new but since Adobe neglected to include one we were forced to ask them ourselves. Upon doing so we can now confirm that it's just a bug-fix release.

That all said, we'll use this space to make a plea to Android developers out there. If you update your app in the Market place and it's just bug fixes, let us know it's just bug fixes. Leaving your change log unchanged when changes have clearly been made is kind of frustrating. Even if it's just big fixes we'd like to know. It really is better to just say "bug fixes" than nothing at all. Rant over, hit the break for the latest Flash download.

  • Great so now we have a new Flash update.. I'm still awaiting my update from 2.1 to Froyo on my Epic !!! Hello Sprint? Are you listening? This would be a nice early Christmas gift to us...
  • It ain't Sprint, you should be talking to Samsung...none of their phone in the US has 2.2. This is why i'll stick with htc.
  • Exactly. My evo got the update within weeks. Screw Samsung!
  • 1. i9000 has been updated on carriers that don't take months to add bloatware and lock down.
    2. There are numerous leaked 2.2 for US Galaxy S phones. Some with build dates as early as September, some dated as recent as two days ago.
    It is the carriers!
  • I've always said that change logs should he made mandatory by Google. Its very annoying to not know whybthe hell I'm updating an app.
  • Downloads but won't install, boo
  • Nice with one exception, those of us still waiting on our Froyo update can't reap the benefits of this app at this time....hmmmmmmm
  • Do not update if you want to keep hulu app. Sorry for the caps, it's the custom font on my evo.
  • The custom font ON your evo doesn't translate to that font being used everywhere you type text. Only you see it. Just thought I'd point that out just in case you've been apologizing to everyone for yelling at them. :)
  • Yea this sh** suck I left my EVO for the EPIC for this I hope I don't regret it...
  • I hope your not trying to start a Evo vs Epic page, the Evo Might not be the beast in gpu and CPU like the Epic But if people are leaving the Epic for Evo then that tells you that being the fastest phone is not important. Epic has a faster CPU/gpu and better screen but Samsung is garbage, look at there instinct, every Samsung is a rip off and they need to stick with TVs. You and many others wont get updates and support like what HTC would provide. Sorry for your loss
  • Haven't noticed any bugs on earlier builds, but I guess updates are always welcome o.O It's nice to watch my local tv programs via their site which requires flash 10 here in Finland... My friends N900 can't handle smoothly(unwatchable) those videos, tho I like N900 too as my Desire :)
  • Why didnt they allow this memory hog to be saved on the SD card? It will work from SD card. That along with google maps is about 25 MB.
  • Plug-ins and widgets can not use apps to SD. It is not possible. http://developer.android.com/guide/appendix/install-location.html#ShouldNot There are other means to do this but there will be issues.
  • Then y do i have about 5 or 6 browser plugins on my SD card even my browser dolphin HD is on it smart Guy! Come on all u so called developers get on ur game!!
  • While I agree that there should be a changelog in the market here is the changelog for this release and all previous releases: http://kb2.adobe.com/cps/860/cpsid_86018.html
  • Yeah, me too. I'm still awaiting for Verizon/LG to force feed 2.2 as they said will happen in November--and here it is December. (On a side note, all of their updates came loaded with bloatware and I need some room to have apps that I want to use.)