FitIt Pro for FitBit

MobileFitIn my endless pursuit to connect all of my little gadgets to one another, I came across a cool Android app called FitIt Pebble Pro for FitBit. The app ties your FitBit into both your Android device and Pebble smartwatch to make for some awesome interconnected FitBit fun. The official FitBit app has a great looking step widget, but this app takes things above and beyond with widgets for all of the stats that your FitBit is tracking.

The download of FitIt Pebble Pro for FitBit gets you a bunch of cool FitBit widgets for your Android device and also ties in with Canvas for Pebble. On your phone you'll get a set of widgets that include activity, calories, distance, food, scale, sleep, stairs and more. You can choose which widgets to display on your home screen, or choose a set of rotating ones if you can't decide. Each shows your current total as well as a progress bar for your preset goal.

As far as the Pebble goes, FitIt Pebble Pro for FitBit integrates with the popular app Canvas, allowing you to create custom watch faces that include not only standards like time, date and weather, but also your FitBit stats. You can show active minutes, steps, calories, miles and more. There aren't just preset faces with this one, so you can totally customize the look of your Pebble with the stats you want to see — very cool.

The app runs $1.99, but with all it can do it's not a bad buy for FitBit fanatics. Grab it now in Google Play.