Feedly for Android with Material Design

One of our favorite RSS readers, Feedly, is planning to update its Android app with a new user interface that conforms to Google's Material Design style. Today, Feedly's "design co-founder" Arthur Bodolec posted up some app concepts on his Medium page and asked for some feedback from the community

Bodolec stated:

I strongly believe this new way of designing apps for Android marks a solid step in the right direction. The system is consistent and flexible enough to adapt to any app's design. This is why I went back to the drawing board and started redesigning what feedly could look like following the Material Design principles. This exploration's main goal was to create a new version of feedly, fully enhanced with Google's Material Design to give our team a design direction for future releases. In the coming months we will be taking some ideas from it and implementing them in our new app.

For example, Google recommends Material Design apps use primary colors for toolbars in apps. Feedly's brand color is bright green, and Bodolec stated

On the left drawer I created a toolbar using our brand color to highlight the trending topic of the day. This is a nice way to use our brand's color to emphasize a key piece of information.

However, he felt that such a bright color would be distracting for the app's main toolbar, so he decided to choose light gray for a "less intrusive" look. It will be interesting to see how many of the concepts that are featured in this article make it to the final version of the Feedly Android app. You can check out more of these designs, including some app animations, and an in-depth look at why Bodolec made these choices, at his Medium page.

Source: Arthur Bodolec (Medium)