Nexus 5X

The November security update for Android has now been released by Google, and that means it's time for the updates to start hitting Nexus devices right away. But if you'd rather update yourself via the factory image from Google instead of waiting for the OTA to arrive, we have your covered here.

The version number of the latest update will vary depending on which Nexus you have — MDB08M, MDB08N, MRA58N or MRA58V — but it'll always be listed as the most recent factory image on Google's factory image page if you need confirmation. The downloads:

Nexus factory images with November security update

Of course if you want to just wait for the update to hit your phone or tablet automatically that's fine, too — just having the option to apply it manually is always a bonus. If you need help applying an update, be sure to check out our comprehensive guide on the topic.