Facebook Messenger expands Photo Magic facial recognition, now lets you customize your chats

Facebook has announced some updates for Messenger, including the expansion of its new Photo Magic feature. Initially launching on Android in Australia, Photo Magic is now available in more countries. There are also new per-chat customization options for people to choose from.

Photo Magic is a new feature that uses facial recognition to automatically find and tag your friends in photos. It will then suggest that you share relevant pictures with the friends that appear in them. For photos with multiple friends, Messenger opens up a brand new thread just for the friends in that particular image.

As for customization, Facebook Messenger is rolling out options for changing both the colors and emoji for chats on a thread-by-thread basis, giving each conversation its own look and feel. When you make a change, the other people in the conversation will be able to see which changes you made. When it rolls out to you, tap the "Info" button in the top right of the screen, and you'll be able to select new colors, emoji, and nicknames.

You can grab the latest updates for Facebook Messenger from the Google Play Store now.

Joseph Keller