Facebook Lookback gives a look back at your life on Facebook

Take a look at the most important moments captured by the social network

Facebook, believe it or not, is all of 10 years old today. And to celebrate, it's giving you a look back at your life on Facebook with a video montage. You'll see a sampling of your first interactions on Facebook, your most-liked posts, important pictures and life events set to some heart-touching music.

You simply have the option to watch and share the video (naturally), but don't have the ability to download it or anything like you could Google's holiday video, but it's still a nice gesture regardless. Folks have undoubtedly kept record of a good portion of their life at this point on Facebook.

Check it out at http://facebook.com/lookback (it's tough to find in the app, but doable if you hunt around), you may just be reminded of a few lost memories.

Phil Nickinson
  • Any way to get the path of how to find it in the app? It'd make it much easier.
  • I searched for "Lookback" and got to it from some third-party page or app, I think. It was ... weird. Facebook's still dumb like that.
  • Right. I agree. But yea I couldn't get the webpage to pull up in Chrome on my G2, I actually had to use the "browser" app that comes preinstalled. Not sure if it was just my device or what.
  • So, they're copying what Google did at the end of 2013? Posted via Android Central App
  • Unfortunately I never got my Google+ bets of video. :(
  • Exactly. Posted via Android Central App
  • Uninstalled it today. I'm so fucking annoyed with all these updates that aren't changing shit. *deep breath* Sent via Android Central App
  • Mine wouldn't find very much.
  • Mine kinda made me tear up. It prominently featured the birth of my daughter and moments with my wife. Well played, Facebook. *Sniff
  • I hate Facebook!!! Full of fake people! I've been going to tech websites a lot more recently. Posted using Android Central App on my Samsung Galaxy S4 T-Mobile
  • Tech site full of fake geeks... POW
  • Haha "How'd you get the beans above the frank?"
  • Jay, could you at least try to appear like anything other than the caricature of an actual human being in your comments?
  • Wow that was bad. The G+ version is a million times better. Posted via Android Central App
  • https://www.facebook.com/lookback I used that link in my Android browser and it redirected me to the Mobile site. Looks great AND you can share it with the "Share Your Movie" button below the video. Made me laugh and feel nostalgic/old. Okay, just old... :-)
  • I was gonna say you can share it if you pull it up on the web browser.
  • I can't share it. Doesn't show a button for that.
  • I liked mines. Showed the post when my wife said yes to my propasal and us getting our marriage license. Nice.
  • If you really want to you can long press the video after playing on android and 'save video'.. Or at least I could on my n5 Posted via Android Central App
  • Confirmed to work on the Moto X. To clarify do this in a web browser; not the app.
  • Just checked it out...pretty cool Posted via Android Central App
  • That "big green share button" you mentioned in the post is gone. :(
  • I've tried every browser on my phone and the PC..no share button...they remove it?
  • Agreed. I thought I was losing my mind.
  • You can use the mobile link or disable Adblockers. I'm going to keep this blog post open with the latest "fixes" for this... http://sitesdoneright.com/blog/2014/02/facebook-lookback-no-share-button
  • The "Big Green Button" is back!
  • I've tried every browser on my phone and laptop. When I go to the lookback page, all I get is a cluster of like 6 photos, no video. :( Anyone experience this as well? Really disappointed.
  • Me too. I've seen it once, not shared, then I see only photos...
  • I haven't even got to see my video once :(
  • Exact same thing is happening to me! I had it at the very beginning, then my computer froze up during it, so I had to refresh the page and now it just shows the 6 pictures :(
  • Someone in the great digital abyss must save us!!
  • Same here, I haven't been able to see mine at all! Sadness.
  • I am so disappointed! I'm going to post to the help page on facebook and see what's going on. I really want to see my video and I'm afraid they won't fix it before the feature because unavailable! :(
  • Becomes*
  • Same here, I have tried my phone and my small laptop and the same 6 photos and no video, no share button. I can't get on my desktop because it picked now to crash. I thought it was just my phone but evidently not.
  • another article I read (CNN) said that not everyone got a video--some just get a picture-montage "thank you card". Not sure how it's determined who gets what...
  • Anyone still have the Facebook home app on their device even though it was removed Sent from my Nexus 7 2013 or iPhone 5
  • Hey twitter, follow the leads
  • If you don't see the big green "Share your movie" button, just delete the "/" after "lookback". https://www.facebook.com/lookback
  • There was some sort of bug, from what I've gathered through twitter, that seems to have worked out. Now I just want Facebook to allow us to edit the video. According to their official blog, we'll have the capability to decide what's included : https://www.facebook.com/help/206982576163229/ Posted via Android Central App
  • you can edit it "under the movie buttons" .... which sucks because all I have are six photos and no movie, which means I can't edit that either.
  • neat!!!
  • You've only been on Facebook for 7 years? Newbie...
  • I followed the link on my FB page and was pleasantly surprised. Was a short and direct video. Enjoyed watching my friends too. Posted via Android Central App
  • i still have no share button...tried multiple phones and pc browsers...it disappear again???
  • Try this link: https://m.facebook.com/lookback/share Worked for me!
  • Thanks...I just found that also..just curious how everyone else is seeing a share button and according to Facebook help there is a "edit"video button...cant see that either lol Posted via Android Central App
  • I see what you did there Posted via Android Central App
  • Sorry but I shared my movie then deleted it, how can I request to generate it again?
  • você pode baixar o vídeo por aki http://supercomentario.com.br/2014/02/04/como-compartilhar-seu-video-loo...
  • I had a tear in my eye once mine was over. Posted via Android Central App
  • Reminds me how much I hate my life. Thank you Facebook. Posted via Android Central App
  • Mine for some reason won't show the film, just shows me my own photos... any ideas?
  • How do you edit your video from your phone?
  • Anyone please tell me how to find or fix the hangout icon I have a Samsung S 4
  • Good morning! How can I retrieve "MY FACEBOOK LOOKBACK" I deleted it accidentally... Sorry, but I want it to be posted again in my account. Thank you! Congratulations mark and the Facebook team :-)
  • Thank you for putting back my Facebook Lookback video. I love it :-) congratulations once again MARK and your TEAM... KEEP IT UP GUYS!
  • Actually you can already edit the video Check out how on my blog:
    http://www.draconiusgrey.com/#!Do-You-want-to-Edit-Your-Facebook-Movie/c... You can edit the video and make several versions!
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  • REPLY fastracer
    Thanks...I just found that also..just curious how everyone else is seeing a share button and according to Facebook help there is a "edit"video button...cant see that either lol
    Posted via Android Central App
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