Facebook Lookback gives a look back at your life on Facebook

Take a look at the most important moments captured by the social network

Facebook, believe it or not, is all of 10 years old today. And to celebrate, it's giving you a look back at your life on Facebook with a video montage. You'll see a sampling of your first interactions on Facebook, your most-liked posts, important pictures and life events set to some heart-touching music.

You simply have the option to watch and share the video (naturally), but don't have the ability to download it or anything like you could Google's holiday video, but it's still a nice gesture regardless. Folks have undoubtedly kept record of a good portion of their life at this point on Facebook.

Check it out at http://facebook.com/lookback (it's tough to find in the app, but doable if you hunt around), you may just be reminded of a few lost memories.

Phil Nickinson