Facebook has launched its Moments photo-sharing app in the EU and Canada, though with a notable change from the version available to the rest of the world. The Moments app for these countries lacks the facial recognition feature found in the app in the rest of the world, which Moments uses to suggest which friends you should share photos with.

Facebook's Moments arrives in the EU and Canada, but without facial recognition

However, while this does make the app less intuitive, Facebook has come up with a partial solution, according to TechCrunch:

Explains Facebook, this modified version of the app doesn't use facial recognition technology, but rather groups together multiple photos that "appear to include the same face." To make this determination, Facebook says it instead uses a form of object recognition, which is based on features like the distance between a person's eyes and their ears.

Aside from facial recognition, Moments uses date, time, and location to figure out who you should send photos to, so the removal of facial recognition doesn't hamstring the app. You should be able to find the latest version of Moments in the Google Play Store in your country now.