Facebook, Instagram, and WhatsApp are down. Are you affected?

Facebook and its related networks, Instagram and Whatsapp, experienced an outage that prevented some users from accessing either the entire service or some functionality within the service.

No word yet on how many users are experiencing issues or for how long, though it does look like the problems have been or are rapidly being resolved.

In a statement to The Verge, Facebook said:

"a technical issue," was the cause of the issue, and that the company is "currently restoring service for everyone."

Facebook, Messenger, and Instagram have all been fine for me this morning. If you've been experiencing problems with any of those services, or with Whatsapp, let me know in the comments. Also let me know when they start working for you again.

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  • Been good since I woke up at 1100est.
  • You haven't switched from EST to EDT yet?
  • It may be the best day many have had in ages. Social media is garbage. Dump it and live in the real world.
  • I've seen the real world... any other suggestions?
  • Played breath of the wild?
  • See more of it, no one lives long enough to experience everything life has to offer.
  • I like your message, I do find it funny tho since you recently said you do 200gigs a month.
  • You know it's not mandatory, right? Also the fact you're taking the time to comment on this at all kind of steps on your own point...
  • You can't "friend" me on this comment board or learn anything about me, so no dude it ain't the same. Bet you spend your life on FB with all your "friends". Have you ever kissed a girl? No I didn't think so.
  • That's an awful lot of anger over another's decisions..
  • Anger? Not at all I just want this poor soul to experience real life.
  • Shouldn't you be trolling Tinder for your next STD?
  • I happen to enjoy my social media, thank you very much.
  • Yeah dude you have a face made for social media. You're better off not leaving the house.
  • Oh ya social media is horrible and the world is a horrible place with it blah blah blah. People who worry too much about how other people enjoy their time are the real miserable people.
  • Thank you! Not that I believe a word he said anyway...
  • You mad bruh? Go vent on FB and get some pity.
  • I don't care what anyone does with their time I just think social media is lame and people waste too much time on it cuz they can't function in the real world.
  • Forum posts are social media.
  • It's a form of digital communication. There's nothing social about it. You don't know a thing about me and I sure as hell don't care to know anything about you.
  • See the Wikipedia article for Blog – https://en.m.wikipedia.org/wiki/Blog – to see how a blog that accepts comments, like this one, is considered to be a social networking service. And we do know something about you: that you consider social media to be "garbage".
  • And don't get me going on lunkheads who go to Wikipedia for their knowledge...
  • You're free to edit the article if you think it's inaccurate.
  • I'm right there with ya
  • You're not the only one. Whatsapp can come back but ig and fb can stay down forever
  • Mind your business.
  • Facebook was down earlier this morning, but it's back up as of about 11 am.
  • If I try to log in to my Facebook account from any laptop/browser I can`t reach my account. I write my correct e-mail and password, I don`t receive any message something is wrong but the moment I push log in/enter the password field becomes blank and nothing happens. From my Samsung Galaxy S5 I can open my Facebook account but I can not reach any settings/activity log/security/Security Inbox, etc. The second I try I get logged out with the message "Facebook authentication failed". So I can not control anything, not reach anything. If I go to settings I get thrown out. If I try reach Facebook trough the help/report I need to log in again and I can`t bc nothing happens. If I try to report my profile I can`t. My friends have also tried. What do I do to fix this? I have deleted caches and data, deleted the app, reinstalled. Deleted other apps connected to Facebook. Nothing helps. If I search for my profile by e-mail or phone I can`t find it, but I can find it with my name. When I try to go further and open it it just disappears. My friend list can see my profile as normal. What to do? Please help!
  • Couldn't upload photos from the mobile app this morning but it seems to be working again now.
  • I noticed it was down for a short while earlier today.
  • Nope, all good in my sector.
  • Nope, not affected at all, and not for the reasons you think!
  • Nope, didn't even know because I was playing Forza.
  • Only positively.
  • Since when does someone suggesting people to use social media less often impact anyone in a negative way? You can have too much if a good thing. I would urge people to share less, and rely much less on social media as a whole. They have curated your feed to a very narrow scope. It's great when you need it but ask yourself why you need it? When you ask that question, you will have your answer.
  • Because it is not his place to make such a suggestion.
  • Facebook was down forme at around 10am Central Time...it came back to normal after an hour or so
  • "It's not you, it's then?" Them you mean?
  • Working fine here.
  • This is very likely because of the hurricane in Texas. Most cloud servers are based somewhere in Texas. I'm sure other companies have been affected as well.
  • It was a blessing. Took the opportunity to shower, eat and go to the bathroom.
  • Well, I left Facebook years ago.
  • Wise move.
  • Hey guys, is this the thread where we ******* ourselves over how special we are for not using social media? I sure would hate to miss out on that!
  • Yep, some people need to take the opportunity to feel superior. Facebook wasn't ever completely down for me but it was wonky for a bit.
  • Article did ask if we are affected by it, I never noticed.
  • You sound like an awkward soul who lives for his next thumbs up.
  • Oh the horror!!!
  • I must've slept through it..
  • I was wondering what was going on. My left sidebar on Facebook desktop version was blank. Clicking around was painfully slow. Then I got a ton of emails that someone was trying to login to my account and do I need assistance. I clicked the link (verified first it was a Facebook link) that I was not having issues logging in. Now everything seems fine.
  • Maybe people will actually look up from their phones for a change.
  • Doesn't bother me, I hate Facebook but use it because society looks at you like you are insane if you don't, and I have friends that rely on Wi-Fi and Facebook messenger for calls instead if having a phone number.
  • I'm more of a "Hike Messenger" guy so I guess I'm not hit if there is a WhatsApp outage at the moment. AA really need to check it out. The app is just mind blowing!
  • We see through your shameless self promotion lol.
  • Somebody's gotta do it! It's that darn good. Shame they'd rather spend on fortifying the app than marketing.
  • I wish facebook would burn to the ground like myspace. Its annoying how many ppl seek acceptance on these silly sites and post everything about them and wait for likes and comments
  • Exactly these poor wretches drive themselves crazy via social comparisons on FB. Pretty sad.
  • Yeah had an issue but seems to be ok now. Galaxy S8 plus
  • "It's not you it's then:"
    I see Rene is here. Certainly not going to be use to this level of engagement on an article. IMore is a ghost town now.
  • No still running
  • I got rid of Facebook a couple of years ago and it was probably the best decision I have ever made.
  • I'm sure it was. Many studies have shown how people become far happier after dumping FB.
  • You're my favorite commenter here. If you like the note 4 the best, we may need to start going out if you're a woman
  • I got rid of my account too, Facebook isn't all it's cracked up to be.
  • Is there still a chance FB can go the way of MySpace
  • No
  • Down in order to transfer backroom control to the NSA.
  • Why should we care anyways? It's new world order all the way! We should learn to live without those gimmicks Sucking out our soul and digitizing it.
  • Oh no - what will the grandparents (FB), losers (FB) and narcissists (IG) do? This is horrible news
  • 1st I'm hearing of it.
  • Who cares? social media is the downfall of our society I don't need to know what others are doing during the day how did this world function before social media? Better than its doing now!
  • No, it's not using periods at the end of sentences that's the downfall of our society.
  • This 👍, people think they have a million friends, or so they think. These companies are milking you for all you got "which is all your information", which they sell for big money, then they take it one step further "since they are now have become monopolies" and now want to police what you hear and and see, George Orwell's 1984 coming to life.
  • FB has had some weird issues over the past week.
  • Yea, it's called trying to censor free speech algorithms, what else would you expect by an organization run by a commie.
    He is worried that the masses will come for him, so let's give the fools some "free money", you see how I quoted free money, as to keep the masses from turning into lynch mobs, that's what the DemoNcratic party has been doing forever, the Apple does not fall far from the tree.
    https://youtu.be/gjHeggQFpYA https://youtu.be/f34tBfZKdmI https://youtu.be/mRJqjywdVyA
  • Good, they need to stay down. https://youtu.be/kPQDgmgPcEc
  • Facecrap, Google and the like are evil monopolies