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Facebook completes $19 billion acquisition of WhatsApp

Facebook has completed its $19 billion acquisition of WhatsApp. The deal was swiftly finalized following the approval by the European Union on Friday. WhatsApp co-founder and CEO Jan Koum will sit on the Facebook Board of Directors.

Facebook's acquisition of the messaging company was originally announced early this year. There were some initial concerns with the purchase, especially regarding user data and privacy. Government regulators in both the United States and Europe also questioned the effect this purchase would have on competition in the messaging space.

Will you continue to use WhatsApp now that it has officially been acquired? Sound off in the comments.

Source: SEC, via Engadget

  • Never used it before, don't see the need as hangouts or Facebook messenger cover all my message needs just fine. For 19B I do wonder what the future of Facebook messenger will be... Posted via Android Central App w/G2
  • For 19B, I wonder how much of your life it'll be collecting for their dubious purposes? I'm sure it'll be the most info grabbing app in history that saves every conversion, secretly record key words through the mic, probably take pics, etc. I wouldn't use anything by a company who's sole purpose is to make privacy harder to set up with each update. Nobody pays that much for a message app without a deep seeded reason. They're not the govs favorite and most cooperating "giving your info away" company for nothing. Posted via Ash William's Boomstick
  • Exactly my thoughts. Way too much money for something probably based on a lot of gpl code. Admittedly they must havea server farm somewhere but still too much money for something NOBODY with half a brain will trust anymore.
  • I have used WhatsApp occasionally in the past, I paid for two years use early this year.
    If Facebook change it to a Facebook login only consider me gone. I will not use them. Well . . . I like it :-)
  • Ommfg.... I swear if they make it as a Facebook login. . . That'll be destroyed as someone who doesn't use a fb anymore I can tell you that needing to recreate it will be a major bummer.... Just like the google sign in for YouTube Posted from my note 3 :3
  • Yea.. They shud leave whatsapp as it is, separate frm fb. It's possible thou that one might be merge with the other. Might need to start a 'move to Telegram' if that happens! Posted via my Nexus 5.. only one that matters
  • Game over. Posted via Android Central App
  • Yeah if they, try to make a facebook log In. I will not use it next thing will be ads on. Posted via the Android Central App
  • Yes WhatsApp is the best rather use It to stay in touch with all my friends around the world .. Would love them to introduce voice Posted via the Android Central App
  • I use Whatapp daily, and have for a few years. I don't mind the very low cost to use it, but if it changes in any way integrating with Facebook I'm done. Posted via Android Central App
  • +1 Posted via the Android Central App
  • Whatsapp is a pretty awful IM client anyway. Single device restriction; no cloud sync or backup; pretty crappy manual backup solution as it does exist; awful login/friending system (phone # only? terrible); no desktop option for those of us who sit in front of computers all day; no free voice calling. FB Messenger is basically superior to Whatsapp in every way at this point. It only has a large user base because it got into the iOS/Android IM game early, not because of functionality. I don't see FB wasting resources updating the Whatsapp client any further, not that it got very regular updates anyway.
  • Whatsapp does have cloud backup at least on the iPhone, but I am sure the Android app is quite similar. I love the phone number scene, since whoever has it can be contacted, and I hate having to login anything. Additionally, though only on mobile is very platform agnostic, and I do have friends who are not on Facebook or any other social network, and this is the easier way to contact them. I guess it is a matter of perspective.
  • I agree, it's a terrible app. The only thing going for it is that it was very early to have multi platform support. Even now Hangouts is unusable if any of your friends use WP, otherwise it's superior in nearly every way. Posted via Android Central App
  • Most of my contacts use WhatsApp, so there's no choice for me but to use it. Posted via Android Central App
  • 19 billion, the world as a whole is going down the pan IMO, imagine what that could do in a country that needs it. Posted via the Android Central App
  • Very true... Posted via S5 or 5s
  • It's their money to spend on what they want. With that said, 19B for a messaging service? Damn! Too high of a price.
  • Most likely the third world country would spend it on AK-47's and ammo. Plus a few mansions and gold for their "elected" politicians.
  • Rather juvenile view of the world.
  • Makes you wonder what they are really buying, messaging or something entirely different? As long as it isn't tied into FaceBook ie FaceBook login I may continue to use
  • Yet another app for my phone to do what every single Phone does already, out of the box: text & Media Message. I will never understand how these apps thrive to begin with, much less ever use them.
  • Exactly! I think people have a desire to make everything difficult. Also people use these phones as a status symbol. Lots of wanna be geeks and water-cooler show offs. Posted via Android Central App
  • Exactly Posted via Android Central App
  • Well so many million users can't all be wrong.
    Up to now unlimited text, picture messaging, videos etc with zero additional cost aside from £0.79 in the UK, per annum on Android, compared to £0.25 - £0.50 per MMS from most carriers in the UK. You chose not to use ii, others choose to and at $19 Billion so do FaceBook consider it worth purchasing
  • This is the biggest tech acquisition swindle since Mark Cuban convinced Yahoo to buy for $5.7 billion.
  • They seem so overpriced. They're features have always been lacklustre in my eyes and the fact that you couldn't use it on devices without a sim card. I get that it appealed to people who didn't want the hassle of setting up logins but giving your phone number to a company that could pass it on to adbot companies or get hacked is just asking for trouble. Facebook wanted the extra phone user base and I think they'll probably like sifting through all the historical whatsapp chat data for targeted ads. I guess Facebook has deep enough pockets to waste their money (WhatsApp is hugely overvalued and I wouldnt be surprised if a HP like auditing scandal comes out of this) Posted via Android Central App
  • I would be somewhat surprised if our numbers are not already known, among a whole host of info/data , from the moment you signed on a dotted line at anytime in your life.
  • As long as they don't change a thing, I'll keep using it. But if they start messing with it (as Facebook is bound to do), I'll find another messenger.
  • I don't get it. What's wrong with using the stock message service on your phones? Posted via Android Central App
  • WhatsApp does not require you to pay for SMS/MMS texting through your carrier. For example my dad has an iPhone on AT&T with no texting package but I can message him from my S3 using WhatsApp. It also allows you to send messages internationally without incurring any extra charges.
  • It costs money and some people don't pay for unlimited text. Not to mention the internet covers most of the populated globe while cell service doesn't. Posted via Android Central App
  • What's App Viber and others allow you to text numbers internationally via wi-fi without incurring huge international charges. I'm sure somebody will correct me if I am wrong here.
  • I use whatsapp with all my people's, will continue to use it now because Facebook will prob come out with faster updates now Posted from a NoNe PHaBlEt
  • No I will not
  • I hope they integrate it with Facebook Messenger. One less IM icon on my home screen is always a good thing. Posted via the Android Central App
  • Whilst the lack of support for multiple clients and/or a windows desktop version is a big negative, the advantages of whatsapp are numerous - it is easy to use, group chat is extremely powerful and it is very easy to send pics/vids to everyone in your group. The fact that it's available on nearly every platform means that the vast majority of my contacts use it, especially the less technically able. Google hangouts hasn't covered all of these things yet and it just isn't that popular, mainly because Google hasn't done enough to get people to use it instead of the alternatives (just like Google+ I guess) Of course, if the no-ads model is changed and facebook start using the data for ulterior motives then I will reconsider my use of the whatsapp, though Google is not that much better in terms of using your data
  • Google is rather methodical about how it expands usage of it's services. One day G+ will take over Facebook's latest acquired data mining company. The only reason for Whats App is reaching people in other areas of the world cheap/free. At present I have no use for it. But who know. Once Ebola gets deeply ingrained in every aspect of American life, some little remote corner of the world may look inviting.
  • The price tag isn't just for fixed assets such as company premises/licences etc it's for the customer base. How many people use whatsapp and pay for it? Is another revenue stream that Facebook need. They will earn their money back in a few of years of subscriptions alone. Posted via Android Central App with my Nexus 5