The fine folks behind fantasy role-playing game Ravensword: Shadowlands have released a sci-fi counterpart called Exiles today. It features the same large-scale open world and stellar 3D graphics, but swaps out broadswords for laser rifles and full plate for mech suits. You'll find vehicles, a rich back-story, plenty of quests, different classes to try out, giant, ugly aliens to blow up, and not a single in-app purchase.

We've been eager to see the final product since we checked out an early build back at GDC. Here's a quick feature breakdown:

  • Explorer a huge and open world, full of alien hives, underground temples, and caves
  • A large colony with various interior locales
  • Choose from 3 different character classes
  • Choose a Male or Female Character
  • A large variety of weapons to use and upgrade
  • Huge Alien creatures to fight
  • Mechs and Hoverbikes available to traverse the massive landscape
  • A dark story of government plots and conspiracy
  • No IAP!
  • Real-time Shadows
  • Full Night/Day System

Go ahead and get downloading at the link above. How many of you guys played Ravensword? Anyone itching for a new RPG? Be sure to take a look at our favorite RPGs on Android and expect to see Exiles added to the list shortly.