Android 2.2 on the Evo 4G

At long last, the Sprint Evo 4G is getting Android 2.2 -- nicknamed Froyo. It's the second U.S. phone to get it -- behind the Google Nexus One -- and the update will be rolling out over the first week or so of August, or you can give the manual install a try by downloading the file from HTC here, and visiting the forums for installation help.

We've gotten our hands on an official build -- though it's not quite the final build -- and have put it through its paces. The overall experience remains the same. HTC's Sense user interface remains on top of Android and is as speedy as it ever was. There new widgets and apps. A bunch of new features. And, of course, two biggies that come with Froyo -- the Just-in-Time compiler, and Adobe Flash.

So join us after the break as we dive into the Android 2.2 update for the Sprint Evo 4G.

What's new in Android 2.2?

First things first: We're using software version 3.25.651.1. That's slightly different than what Sprint has said is coming in the over-the-air download, which is version 3.25.651.3. So far as we know, however, all of the major features are intact.

The Evo feels as speedy as it ever has. That's due in part, well, because Android 2.2 is just plain faster. It employs what's called a just-in-time compiler (or JIT), which gives one hell of a boost to basic processing power.

Overall, though, your general experience isn't going to change all that much. The Sense user interface looks the same, though we have some new apps and widgets to play with.

Let's take a brief spin through the new build, shall we?

OK, really, what's new then?

If you haven't already, check out our monstrous Froyo Features series, where we broke down some of the major improvements in the latest version of Android. As for what's new in Froyo on the Evo 4G? Here's Sprint's official list:

  • Ability to share applications
  • Display events and birthdays from Facebook on Calendar
  • Use camera LED as flashlight
  • New user interface for the FM radio
  • Add unknown users in Facebook as friends in Friend Stream
  • Photo Gallery supports Facebook comments function
  • Send contact as vCard using SMS
  • Addition of MMS slideshow editor
  • New pre-loaded widgets including Calculator, FM radio, Message list view, Profile settings and Ringtone settings
  • Camcorder can use camera flash so video can be shot at night or in low light
  • Flash 10.1 support
  • Numeric PIN and alpha-numeric passwords to unlock screen
  • Search widget and search bar able to switch to search in different types (web, specific application, or all)
  • Adjustable alarm volume
  • Android Market widget allows installation of applications on SD card

Let's take another look at some of these features, shall we?

Sharing applications

App Sharing

App Sharing

You'll be able to share free apps in Froyo on the Evo 4G. Notice we said Free.

Facebook birthdays in the calendar

Facebook birthdays

Facebook birthdays

If you're signed into Facebook, all of your friends' birthdays will appear in your Evo 4G's calendar. No more excuses for forgetting.

 Camera flash as a flightlight (without root!)

Evo 4G flightlight app

No worries here. There's a pretty good flashlight app included in the Android 2.2 update for the Evo 4G. You have three levels of intensity, a blinking "auto-flash," and even SOS mode, where it blinks it out in Morse Code.

New UI, widgets for the FM radio

Evo 4G radio widget

Evo 4G radio widgets

The FM radio's had a bit of a UI tweak, and there are a couple of widgets you can use on a home screen.

Send contact as a vCard in SMS

Send contact info in SMS

Want to send contact information -- yours or someone else's -- in a text message? Go for it. They're attached as a vCard.

New message list widgets

Messages widget

Messages widget

You have a couple of messages widgets available.

Ringtone and profile widgets

Ringtones button

Profiles button

They're just basic buttons, but they're nice additions.

New unlock methods

Unlock methods

You can now user a basic PIN or alpha-numeric password to unlock your phone, in addition to the pattern unlock.

Search widget and bar

Google search

The widget and search bar will now search "all," "web" or "apps."

Adjustable alarm volume

Adjustable alarm volume

Isn't that kind of cheating?

Adobe Flash 10.1

Adobe Flash for Android

And, of course, the full version of Adobe Flash 10.1.

Phil Nickinson
  • So pumped for this.
  • So am I. So....any word on the battery life? That is really the biggest thing I care about. The other stuff is just whip cream on the Frozen Yogurt!
  • Well, at night I have XiiaLive playing as I go to sleep and leave it unplugged. By morning I am usually at under 50%. This morning, after the update, I was at 85%. Battery life: I has it!
  • I want it so bad now! Arrrgggggh! Tuesday can't come any faster Imma drink and pass out and hopefully it'll be Tuesday hahaha
  • Syncing facebook calendar was already there. But the rest of it seems great.
  • The alarm volume was in 2.1 I discovered that this week
  • Does it still have the 30fps limit?
  • Yes it does. (Sucks, yes i know)
  • I added the link, but it's in the main article . . . nevermind
  • So excited but also a bit nervous.. after I updated my hero from 1.5 to 2.1 it became a piece of junk! I hope this goes a lot better!
  • It will. This update is amazing. Everything seems intact and working.
  • And my Droid sits here, without frozen yogurt much less sprinkles.
  • Root and rom it. Then you can have froyo sprinkles fudge strawberries or what ever you like whole process takes like 20 min. Just go to the they have step by step video. They have made it idiot proof.
  • I don't know much about the Evo, but a few of those features have been available to the Hero for a while. The profile/ringer widgets and alarm volume are on there right now.
  • Alarm volumen, Ringtone widget, profile widget are present in my D Incredible 2.1 I am not sure why is not in EVO before froyo
  • Alarm volume is on the Evo its a typo on their part!
  • If tethering is available with this version of 2.2? If not PdaNet will still work right?
  • Still no option to upload video straight to Facebook is there? Uuuggggg
  • same here.
  • that's the facebook app's fault. not froyo's. can't even tag people in pictures. the app is absolutely archaic. RIM had a fantastic app compared to this. of course, they also had true push...
  • i got the update installed... any time i visit a web page with flash the browser crashes. tried a variety of sites, rebooted the phone... ugh.
  • I had this same issue (flash crash) I did a complete wipe (clear memory) and it works great now. Of course I had to reinstall everything but I had been meaning to do that eventually anyway.
  • The link in the main article doesn't hurt my soul when I clicked on it. PS wasn't Froyo supposed to add a backup feature any word of that?
  • There is a working link on another android site....
    Also it updated me to 3.26.651.3 and not 3.26.651.1 that is mentioned in the video. There are good directions on how to do it at.....
  • we need a new link I NEED FROYO(YUM) please i want it so bad on my EVO. thank you in advance
  • All in all, not bad. I expected less to be honest.
  • Looks like i grabbed that link just in time. And for the record it looks like they updated the build as per the file name: p.s. if someone could tell me where to host it i will put it up
  • The file I downloaded from two other places reports the same filename and their two md5sum's match: f81bf01a24c7a6fc36dce561b9391360 I have not tried it yet, since I am chicken (especially since I don't know the MD5sum of the official update file)
  • here it is not from me i do not take cred for the link just trying to help
  • Does not seem like to much difference then the 2.1 version. There is a few things that 2.1 has already that 2.2 coming out. Example Facebook and calendar. Nothing new. UI does not change, only a few widgets. The only good thing is adding apps to SD card. What a disappointment.
  • You don't know anything about what Froyo was supposed to bring, do you? A lot of the changes are under the hood in speed and functionality and you're whining that they didn't include a holo-projector with Princess Leia. If the maker of your car came along and replaced the I4 with a V8 and warp drive, you'd complain that they didn't put on a giant whale tail and repaint it green glitter metallic. Go get an iPhone.
  • I feel like voting "thumbs up" isn't enough for this comment...THREE THUMBS UP!
  • Agreed...I lol'd!
  • Mine is installing now. Were there any changes to the camera or gallery app? nm camera rotates. No 3d peek function on the gallery :(
  • Does it have the 2.2 included Wifi Tether feature? There were news posts a few weeks back saying that Sprint wouldn't remove it despite it making Sprint's Mobile Hotspot service a giant waste of $30/mo.
  • well, he didn't really mention it in the video, but he did show the network settings and it was there and available though he didn't click on it
  • I think the update is significant, but I can wait for it. A lot of EVO owners have gotten so impatient, that they have already started to root even though they would only have to wait a few more days.
  • You don't need to "root" to install the official update file people in this thread are using. You just copy it to the sd card with the name "" and follow the update procedures.
  • Sorry if I am missing something, but WTF are the update procedures? Can we get a writeup?
  • The Car Panel app is hoooooot!!!!!
  • Don't forget .... chrome to phone
  • FYI, wifi hotspot is working, for free.
  • how??? I can't access the USB Tethering options screen... (or is the Froyo hotspot feature located somewhere else?)
  • [settings] --> [wireless and networks] --> [sprint hotspot] plese note I don't own an evo, this is from the video
  • if I was already paying for the Sprint Hotspot, does it now become free? Somehow I think this isn't the same thing... In the videos about Froyo hotspot, the feature should be under USB tether, but I can't access's grayed out
  • Hotspot is WiFi tethering for multiple machines at once. That is not the same as USB tethering, which is wired-only and for (obviously) just one machine. The word on the street is that you will be able to USB tether for free, but have to pay the $30 a month for Hotspot.
  • do you guys know if this update will erace my root (unrevoked 3), i use tethering alot now.
    And will it erace everythinhg on my sdcard?...anyone?
  • it wont delete the contents of the sd card root will be broken though
  • My EVO has a lot of those widgets already. I had to click on "Get more HTC widgets" to get some of them, but they were available. My calendar also already displays Facebook birthdays and events. But that is not what makes FroYo, now is it? Still clicking "Check now" repeatedly!
  • Installed it. Love it. Moved some apps to SD. Adobe 10.1 working.
  • What I'm finally happy to see: Real flash is a big difference over flash lite. Because I've been waiting for flash and really want it on my phone? Nope, because now all of those idiots who thought they had flash on HTC phones by installing that crazy installer they found on XDA forums, can actually see that it wasn't. Seriously there is a big difference, videos actually look pretty good. So yay we finally have flash. Let's see if it falls flat or flys...
  • **************************************
    Engadget: "HTC just shot us a message to clarify that this is not the final ROM version and that the company is strongly recommending not to install this. Additionally, a request has been put in to remove the file from the server, so if you still want to try at your own risk"
    I did get the file ( and did not install it), the md5sum is f81bf01a24c7a6fc36dce561b9391360 so it will be fascinating to compare to the "official" file when it comes out to see if it really is the same file or HTC is just trying to scare people away/delay this. Place your bets... In any case, I sent a tip to AndroidCentral that they should probably add this info as an update to the article (are you listening, Phil?)
  • IMHO I think they pulled the link as they don't want thousands of people to be their test bed. Think about it, HTC put up the link on their website and then they pulled it down. Why would they have put it up on 7/30 like they said they are going to if is no good. I got the .3 package and my Froyo is running great. No issue at all. All settings are intact and phone is lightning fast. Flash running great, and as expected no WiFi hot spot. I hope this helps a few people who have the zip file and are afraid to pull the trigger.
  • Running Launcher Pro much better, memory management is better.. Froyo ROCKS! . . back to playing!
  • I'm on .3. I'm not sure how.
  • So I've got it up and running, but I've got a few questions... First, I cannot for the life of me figure out how to get the browser to go to my set home page when opened. I had it set to do that in 2.1, but now it just opens the last page I was on (before KILLING the app). Second, where can you find the Froyo hotspot feature to turn it on? Third, where are the apps that are saved to SD stored (on the SD obviously, but what pathway?) Fourth, does the JIT speed bump only work in the browser or is it system-wide for anything that uses an internet connection?
  • Quick reactions: LOVE Bluetooth voice dialing, and Flash works great. Can watch Comedy Central clips without needing Skyfire!
  • anyone notice that when he is talking about the google search and goes into landscape mode that the ear speaker is to the right and the touch keys are to the left? i dont kno about yours but my landscape keyboard is speaker to the left and touch keys to the right. does that mean we can go landscape either way?
  • I just tested it in my Evo's browser (running 2.2) and yes, you can go landscape in either direction:)
  • I have a Droid with Android 2.1 and I can change my alarm volume just like that a new feature?
  • Hmm, if they leave Froyo's tethering feature intact in the official OTA build (BIG IF), I'd almost be tempted to upgrade, even if it means forsaking root access. I rooted for two reasons primarily, free wifi tethering and being able to perform full phone/NAND backups, custom/optimized ROMs were a distant third even tho some of them can net you impressive battery life improvements... Has anyone here used Froyo's backup feature? How exactly does it work? Is it a full phone/settings backup? Apps and all? Just one or the other? I'll probably wait it out anyway, probably not worth losing root or messing with a near final build when we'll have the official final build with root baked in within days of the release, and I'm sure custom ROMs won't be far behind. The likes of Cyanogen and Damage already had nearly everything working in their builds before Sprint/HTC dropped this, getting 4G working now should be way easier. Now if only someone would bang out a 50+ fps kernel for Froyo WITH HDMI working, like we have for 2.1... <3 XDA
  • I can't even FIND the backup feature on my 2.2 Evo...
  • Hey Phil, can you post another video where you perform the benchmark tests between the Evo, Droid X, and Nexus One. Is the Droid X still way faster and smoother at rendering video than the Evo 4G.
  • I see a "Dock" setting at about 1:22 in the video (between "Security" and "Applications" . Is that new in 2.2? I don't have that on my EVO (with 2.1).
  • Did the update manually a couple hours ago. Everything seems to be fine and working well. Something I noticed that wasn't mentioned, holding the home button now has a different look and brings up the last 8 apps used instead of just 6. Not really a that big a deal but thought I'd throw it in there. Flash 10.1 is great! Love viewing websites the way they were meant to be viewed with every bit of content available. 720p recording definitely has better quality now. Love having the light for recording and the separate flashlight app is kind of cool. I like the small changes added to texting too... All just my 2 cents
  • the 3G icon looks different
  • also the time at the top, and the am/pm text looks different
  • So is Froyo's WiFi tethering confirmed to be working for free? Either way, that could certainly change on the final official build, not sure why they'd leave it off as a last minute change tho... How does Bluetooth dialing work? Is it just like calling up the Voice Dialer 'cept from your Bluetooth device? Can you also remote dial from a wired headset or does pressing the mic button with one just keep calling up the Music app still? Not that I'd mind, if I've got the headphones on I'm more likely to be listening to music anyway... Definitely looking forward to voice dialing in the car w/o pulling the phone out tho. Things like these and improvements to the video recording are nice, but in the end Froyo's still mostly about Flash and the speed improvements imo. Certainly feels like more than a 0.1 update tho... You could argue this is as big an upgrade as 1.6-2.0/2.1 was.
  • For the record, after doing some research it appears the only new backup feature inherent to Froyo is the setting that allows you to re-download all your apps (including free ones) automatically after a wipe or device swap, it's tied to your account and it seems there's even some provisions to restore app data from the cloud (dunno whose cloud, was reading some SDK docs on the API)... Sorry if I confused anyone. So for the foreseeable future being able to retain root will still be pretty valuable for me, I like being able to make exact backups of the whole phone fully set up, etc. There's already at 'least two different rooted versions of the leaked Froyo ROM anyway, for those that want to dive in and try it out... Some people had issues restoring apps and stuff w/Titanium, some didn't, most can't seem to get WiFi tether working (the free market app) but some have reported that Sprint's own hotspot app will let them tether for free on 3G, not 4G. No clue if that's a bug or by design, it could be Sprint's compromise in light of the feature being cooked into Froyo (altho it doesn't that variant of tethering doesn't work either, which adds to the weirdness). I'm holding off 'till those issues get ironed out, in a day or two we'll know what the final version of the ROM & radio updates really are, plenty more custom ROMs based off that will follow.
  • I kinda doubt it is a compromise (WiFi hotspot). 1) It could just be an oversight and will be "fixed" (relocked) with the real 2.2 upgrade. 2) It could be that the free trial period was reset after the upgrade. 3) It wouldn't make sense for them to allow free 3G and paid 4G tethering. The 3G network is what is overloaded and hurting, the 4G network has no load on it at all.
  • I just talked to my Sprint rep and they said the USB Tether will be free of charge but not WiFi hotspot
  • Interesting... How come no one does Bluetooth tethering anymore? I know the Bluetooth spec sort of caps your stop speed (which would only be relevant on 4G), but isn't it more power efficient than WiFi? I'm gonna test that sometime w/PDANet, I think they still support Bluetooth tethering.
  • I also got .3 love the speed on it, flashlight & video cam light. Other than that I imagined it be a bigger difference.
  • There are hundreds of changes, but most are things that you don't easily see (much of it is under the hood). But you should have at least noticed a few the more visible changes such as additional apps showing under long-home, different tethering, different mounting through USB, Flash, and overall faster speed.
  • This update is is great in my opinion. just having full flash player 10.1 is sick.tge browser is faster the little tweaks here and there.all i gotta say is im happy i have an(evo)android phone at least we get the WHOLE package with our phones.
  • Quadrant Benchmark = 1326!!!
  • anyone know how to go back to 2.1 till the official release? I did the 2.2 and I don't like it. Broke swype and now when I charge the phone to power outlet it doesnt let me access the memory card (no option to unmount) and my browser bueno! LoL If not other option I guess I can wait till Tuesday :(
  • the way you unmount is different in froyo. drag down your top bar, where it says usb storage tap that. when the picture of Andy comes up, tap him, that will unmount your SD card and let you just charge your phone... or push files to your phone using adb.
  • I had to uninstall Swype and then reinstall it. Works perfectly again.
  • My Evo calendar showed Facebook birthdays way before 2.2
    But i'm diggin it
  • Ya, I noticed that too. So what's the diff with this then (regarding FB b-days)? What I want is Contact B-days to show up on the calendar.
  • IMHO I think they pulled the link as they don't want thousands of people to be their test bed. Think about it, HTC put up the link on their website and then they pulled it down. Why would they have put it up on 7/30 like they said they are going to if is no good. I got the .3 package and my Froyo is running great. No issue at all. All settings are intact and phone is lightning fast. Flash running great, and as expected no WiFi hot spot. I hope this helps a few people who have the zip file and are afraid to pull the trigger.
  • Updated to froyo .3 last night and have not seen any problems at all. Everything is working as it should be. You can definitely see a difference with how everything operates much smoother and it appears to be faster. Flash is absolutely a great change and the other tweaks here and there. I also did not lose any of my previous data or apps as people have said had happened. Very pleased with Froyo!
  • Congrats Evo owners! Here`s to a bad ass phone that just got badder.
  • Is it me, or does the phone seem a little chopy at times? I'm not complaining and I love the update, just wondering. And I am praying the final update have more than 30 fps. If not just to shut a lot of people up.
  • The 30FPS cap will have nothing to do with it. In fact, with normal use, 99+% of people would never know if there was or was not a cap.
  • Meh, I'm sure some people would notice, under certain circumstances... But if it really bothers ya that much just root the phone and use some of the custom kernels that are out there. For 2.1 they had everything working w/the fix (cameras, HDMI, etc.), I think they haven't gotten HDMI working on 2.2 w/the fps fix but it shouldn't be long now.
  • 802.11n Was it not supposed to be activated in Froyo?
    I may be doing something wrong, but it sure does not seem to be activated for me with this update. Anybody else? Voice Dialing over BT is working (gotta change your chosen app if using Jawbone Icon to make it work).
  • 802.11N was activated on 2.1 with the 2nd OTA patch, the one that also addressed some screen response/grounding issues and battery life (and also broke root for a while 'till people found that Flash Lite exploit). The Froyo update might've borked it I guess, dunno, I'm not running it yet. You probably need to make sure you've flashed the latest radio updates tho.
  • Hell yes, this drops on my day off from work. Sensational.
  • So far froyo is killing my battery life. It also killed Swype. So far, not really digging it; hopefully it will smooth itself out...?
  • Just reinstall swype. I did that and it works like a champ.
  • How did you do it? I uninstalled both Swype and the installer, and followed the beta email link. It said that I wasn't using an Android device..?
  • I thought it had killed mines also. But if you hold down in the field your typing in, something will come up that says "select input method". Then just select "Swype". No need to reinstall it.
  • Battery life might be something you have installed as a service from before that doesn't work well with 2.2. You might need to start uninstalling stuff. As for Swype, like jcm says, reinstall it.
  • On the plus side, reboot is crazy fast now...
  • so when the "official" comes out tuesday will we be able to upgrade? i dont know why ... even though i love this froyo... i like the official part
  • Supposedly yes, if it is a newer version.
  • I am also having trouble with swype. When I go to the install link it says i am not on an android device. How do I reinstall?
  • Are you using the stock browser or one you downloaded from the market? Using another browser (dolphin, opera, skyfire, etc...) can cause the issue.
  • I am on stock.
  • Does anyone else notice that the backup feature of Froyo appears to be missing? Other than that and protected apps not showing up in the market yet, Froyo is absolutely amazing. I haven't tried tethering yet, so I'll have to see if it is free. Flash works great and the overall speed makes games quite enjoyable, even with the 30 FPS cap. Seriously, with this upgrade, the 30 FPS issue isn't really a big deal, since the phone is very consistent. I just wish that the backup feature worked. I think its great that Android syncs with the cloud for everything. Means less time messing around with Desktop software. I definitely dig the chrome to phone plugin. For anyone looking for a download link and instructions, go here: I posted this yesterday. The download link is the exact file from the HTC servers that I downloaded directly yesterday. Its hosted on Google Docs, so I'll leave it there forever.
  • I am using the stock browser.
  • Ok, if anyone is having trouble with Swype and needs to reinstall be sure that you browser is set to render mobile pages. This fixed my issue with Swype recognizing my android device and after a reinstall all is well.
  • That did it; thanks!
  • i'm actually hoping this is not the official build and i'll tell you why. A. the backup feature seems to be missing completely B. my browser although faster it freezes a lot, & touch sensitivity in the browser seems to not register as well meaning sometimes when i flick to scroll i have to press the screen harder than usual and sometimes the page doesn't move at all. C. i've tried the 3 times to use the the app share through text with my girlfriend who has the vibrant on t mobile and it never works. No that's not to say that i'm not experiencing all of the benefits as well because i am. it just definitely seems a little buggy. can anyone confirm any of these problems on their device i'm curious to know if it's just mine.
  • I definitely have the browser/screen sensitivity issues. Hoping things smooth out with the final build (if this isn't it.) Plus, my battery life STINKS with this build. I've uninstalled everything that I can think of, but no good. Thinking of wiping everything and starting over with fresh Froyo.
  • Welcome to having Flash, if you are browsing a lot, anyway. As I have said in many other postings, Flash is going to drain the battery like there is no tomorrow. And I suspect there is no way to turn off Flash in 2.2 (I don't know yet). Generally, I *hate* Flash. There are times it can be useful, but 99% of the time, it is nothing but CPU wasting, memory hogging, battery draining, distracting, animated crap and ads. So- do I want Flash? Sure, but only if I have easy control over turning it on and off when I want.
  • From the forums which supposedly came from Sprint: "Android 2.2 Update for the EVO..
    •The Android 2.2 client initiated download availability date is delayed.
    •We recognize that many of our HTC EVO customers are... eagerly waiting for the new Google enhancements.
    •Sprint and HTC are working together to ensure availability as soon as possible.
    •A revised availability date will be communicated as quickly as possible."
  • Does anyone use Exchange email? There were some shortcomings in the Exchange mail client in 2.1 and I'm curious if they got fixed in 2.2. Specifically: I use subfolders (crazy, huh?) but the EVO with 2.1 just exploded them all out. That is, there was no way to expand/collapse the subfolders, which made filing emails a huge pain. Is that fixed? Also, did they fix the double-lock screen problem? On 2.1, if I wanted to use the Google "pattern lock", then I had to go through two lock screens--that is, the EVO/Sprint screen AND the Google pattern lock... there was no way to skip the EVO/Sprint lock. Are these things fixed? thanks,
  • @joel I am using exchange and the folders are still "exploded"so it is not like on a MS phone. Also, originally or exchange security required a password for mobile devices and since my update experience it is not asking me for it again. I still have the slide down screen for Sense. I have since enabled the pattern unlock and it still requires the slide down for Sense.
  • @rodvillegas Thanks, total bummer. I think I'll take a pass on the EVO, then. I have way too many subfolders to deal with a UI that doesn't expand/collapse and makes filing way too difficult--I also seem to remember (from trying 2.1) that the UI forced me to go into an individual message before I could file it--not just select messages from the Inbox to file into a folder... Ugh.
  • Some of the "new" features are not actually new. My EVO already has (without 3rd party add-ons): •Photo Gallery supports Facebook comments function
    •widgets including Profile settings and Ringtone settings (you can download these from HTC right from the widgets screen)
    •Display events and birthdays from Facebook on Calendar
    •In the settings screen, Sprint Hotspot is titled "Sprint Hotspot" already... its not tited "tethering" as mentioned in the video
    •I saw some other new settings that were not pointed out in the video, including the one labeled "Dock"
  • I didn't see any mention of Lanscape home screen?? Can anyone confirm or deny?
  • does 2.2 allow for landscape mode in the sense UI homescreen? I do like sense but prefer using launcher pro because this is missing
  • Sorry if I'm asking the same question, but , is WiFi tethering working on this version.
  • Getting ready to install but, just wa-te to check about WiFi tethering, and if not working if someone looking to work on this.???
  • Installed it this past Sturday and it is very nice. Only problem is that I cannot get any games on to work yet. Though that the java script and flash would allow this.
  • How do I install it now? Is on my SD card.
  • Froyo update is live as of 8:30pm 08/02/10 Central Standard Time. I have already updated my Evo and Froyo is Great.
  • Good Improvement and very fast! Love my EVO and more with Froya on it now!
  • Hey you forgot like a big feature IT HAS A MUILTI TOUCH KEYBOARD NOW...!!!
  • Anyone notice the browser download clear option is gone now?
  • You have to go in too security to change the time you want your phone to lock, its default is set to 5 minutes of inactivity. Quick fix for that issue.
  • Hey after updating I've noticed that my security pattern to unlock the phone doesn't work all the time. Anybody experiencing this?
  • You have to go in too security to change the time you want your phone to lock, its default is set to 5 minutes of inactivity. Quick fix for that issue.
  • Free USB tethering??