EVO 3D review by an Android Central reader

Fun fact about being a smartphone blogger -- we get to see the latest and greatest toys pretty early. But we're not the only ones. Sometimes you all get your hands on a phone before it's released, too. And such is the case with Android Central Forums member slag02, who recently came across the HTC EVO 3D at the Futurallia conference in Kansas City and wrote up his thoughts for us all. His takeaway?

All in all - the EVO 3D is what the EVO should have been at launch ( except the 3d part) -- and a Great device if you're looking for something new. It will be hands-down the best phone on Sprint when its released.

We're expecting (or at least hoping pretty hard) for a launch date announcement any day now. But if you're still deciding whether to plop down $50 for a preorder, whether at Best Buy or Radio Shack, check out slag02's review at the link below and see if it doesn't sway you.

Source: Android Central Forums. Thanks, Christopher!

  • How can it be what the evo should have been at launch? The evo is almost a year old and when it came out nothing else was better. I think I'll wait for a review from someone who knows what they're taking about.
  • I was going to comment on this as well. The Evo was unveiled at CTIA in March 2010 - 14 months ago. Not sure how a dual-core qHD superphone running gingerbread could have been released back then. Kids these days...
  • lmao @ "kids these days" . . . Its funny because I agree
  • i think he meant, its like the EVO at launch, as in the wow factor. like the best out there at that time.
  • That's rough man...
  • I thought that sounded kind of stupid too. The EVO was the best android phone for a good long time.
  • apparently the origional EVO should have been able to control time
  • Huh? You mean the original EVO can't control time? And I was going to return mine for it not delivering that feature. LOL!!
  • Exactly my thoughts.. Evo was finally Sprint's first attempt to get out of the hole of shit phones it had dug over the past few years since calling the Instinkt an iPhone Killer. Evo was "THE" phone to have back then and the CyanogenMod site says most downloads come from the EVO because it is so popular and has a huge dev following. I'd say the EVO is what the Nexus One should have been. Evo 3D is just natural evolution of the Evo line
  • Yea don't bother with this turd of a "review." The guy didn't even know the homescreen isn't supposed to be 3d. You'd learn much more from this:
  • WOW. Jackpot. Can't wait to take a look when I'm not actually working lol.
  • Will it have an unsigned bootloader?
  • Even if it does, I'd probably just keep it stock myself. I would like to use CM7, but I doubt they will ever add support for the 3D screen or 3D camera.
  • They said the same thing about 4G. It only took about six months but they got it working!
  • Same here. I'm running CM on my Nexus One now, but I'd be happy to stick with stock on a phone that runs sense just fine. I just want the ability to do cool stuff that rooting gives you. If the phone cannot be rooted though, I will not buy it, no matter how badass it is.
  • This will be a popular phone so CM will most likely create a ROM for it. The main reason I rooted mine and now use CM7 is the battery life and I'm doubting that the EVO 3D will have good battery life out of the box. Luckily, my renewal date will be several weeks after it launches so hopefully there will be a few good efficient ROMs by the time I get mine.
  • Well my main reason for wanting an unsigned boot-loader is so that the kernel can be modified, also sense kills battery life so aosp android is also a desire. Coming from a droid x, I won't get any phone that doesn't have an unsigned bootloader unless it has been hacked and is strongly supported by the dev community.
  • I really like CM7 but when 3D comes out, I'll be satisfied if it's just rooted with no custom ROMs.
  • I don't know if you all know this, but if your local Target has an Target Moblie you can also preorder the phone there for $50 bucks
  • "This what the Motorola StarTAC should have been at launch."
  • hahaha.... well said
  • Lol lmfao
  • That was my first phone with Sprint's mobile internet in 2000. Battery life was worse than a stock EVO. LOL!!!
  • Where is the review? I guess it maybe better than the 4G...because it is new.I just want it to come out so we can get the gingerbread update!
  • It is a somewhat hidden link in the article. Don't bother looking for it, it was a total waste of time. It was not a "review", it was just a quick "hands-on impression" and nothing more. Nothing to see here.... move along....
  • must.......resist.....
  • What about 2.3 for the current EVO? I see other devices getting that update. I'm wondering if they are holding out so they can sell this phone. I don't see enough improvements to trade up from the original EVO and use my upgrade...maybe I'm wrong.
  • Same here. I can't decide if I should use my upgrade on it....
  • You won't see that upgrade until after the 3D comes out. Same thing with the HERO issue from last year
  • They won't release Gingerbread for EVO until after the launch of the EVO 3D and some sales. My upgrade isn't till the end of the year, so unless something really compelling shows up by then, I may just tough it out and live with a Gingerbread upgrade until December 2012. 3D just isn't compelling for me. The Dual core processor is nice and all, but I wish it was a Tegra 2.
  • What an idiot. Nothing was even close to the EVO went it originally launched. Even Verizon's pride and joy in the Tbolt isnt anything significantly different than the EVO, and that just laucnhed.
  • LTE > WiMax What good is 4G if you can't get it indoors? Or do you just hold your EVO out the window everytime you need to download something? :-)
  • I get full Wimaxx bars in my house on the EVO. What folks around talking about when they say that is certain buildings. Like those thick concrete wall apartments in NY for example
  • I get WiMAX inside my concrete condo with full bars and up to 10Mbps, which is plenty for a phone. Also get about 6Mbps at my desk at work.
  • Yes, I do....what is that not normal?
  • I agree about not getting it indoors. Thankfully, pretty much everywhere I go indoors has wifi that I automatically connect to anyway.
  • Yes. Hold it out the window and pray. I get 4G at work here in Atlanta, but not home South of the City, in Fairburn. Go figure. Between 4G, 3D, and Dual core, I can't see the EVO 3D having decent battery life without an extended battery.
  • Hoping to see someone get their hands on this and actually do a good job of reviewing it. I guarantee if I had my hands on with this for 15-20 minutes I would certainly have more info than the forum link has. 1- Cam quality
    2- Video quality
    3- HDMI mirroring (nice to see this finally)
    4- New Widgets and widget updates/customizations
    5- Performance
    6- Screen quality
    7- 3D gaming framerate and "does it hurt you head"
    8- New sense features
    9- Default apps
    etc etc /haterade
  • He basically did another "hands-on".... what Android Central would call their "initial review", if you will. Dont even know if it holds up to THAT. But, I give him props for having the chance to hold it, I guess.
  • I am very happy with the evo running deck 2.34 that I am not sure that I want to update at this time.
  • I am very happy with the evo running deck 2.34 that I am not sure that I want to update at this time.
  • I am very happy with the evo running deck 2.34 that I am not sure that I want to update at this time.
  • I am very happy with the evo running deck 2.34 that I am not sure that I want to update at this time.
  • So sprint is sticking with wimax? That sucks balls because they have yet to open up 4g in long island or any new areas since last November.
  • Who said they were sticking to WiMax? They have actually confirmed the transition to LTE within the next 1-2 years. It isnt a day/night change. It takes some time....
  • I'd like to see some more information on this. Do you by chance have a link to where it was confirmed?
  • Sprint is moving to LTE in 1-2 years? Then why bother buying a Wimax phone this year or next only to have to pony up yet again to get LTE when they turn WiMax off? The only really compelling feature that matters to me is something along the lines of the Droid Pro with CDMA and a Sim slot for foreign travel.
  • There are no solid LTE plans announced yet. Likely won't start till 2013 and even then, it will likely be WiMAX/LTE together. In the meantime, I don't need more than 4Mbps for a phone yet and I'm getting up to 10 on Sprint.
  • /facepalm So all the towers they converted to WiMax they are going to convert again to LTE? Smart financial move there, Sprint. And everyone wonders why they have had the financial problems that they have over the last few years. At least now everyone knows what the extra $10/mo was for, right? Verizon is the only carrier that has handled the 4G conversion with any sense, IMO, because who cares if you aren't first to have 4G if you do it right the first time. Does Sprint tell their new customers that the brand new 4G phone they are buying won't be 4G anymore when the flip the switch to LTE, or do they plan on keeping all 3 bands around for years because of the people that hold on to their phones until they just don't work anymore?
  • hey pull that palm away from your face. things aren't always what they seem homeboy. Sure Sprint rushed out the gate and jumped on the Wimax train. This also gave them a massive advantage as they now own a massive amount of available spectrum where as Verizon holds very little. Yeah, Sprint is planning to add to the WiMax towers as they can support both platforms. Consider this...what is the hard part of getting the towers all up and running? Well a lot of it comes down to getting the land, the permits to put a tower up and meeting all the regulations. So switching the hardware is at times...a small part of things...especially when you hold so much spectrum. This gives sprint the ability to support far more users, as I'm told, due to this greater holding...where as Verizons could very well fall short as the years go on. You can't just make up more spectrum to use. The other side is that Sprint is in bed with Clearwire...this is a touchy subject for them but we'll see how it plays out. I can ensure you the LTE or "next best 4G tech" is and always has been very important to Sprint.
  • Your comment is shortsighted and misinformed. That $10/month still leaves me with a significantly cheaper and completely uncapped 4G data plan than any other provider. I have been on 4G for almost a year now... as both my home internet connection and mobile connection here in LA. I use a Clearwire modem at home and my Evo on the go. They aren't "flipping" any switch on WiMax as they signed a partnership with clearwire well into the this decade... and Clearwire just partnered with Ericsson to manage their 4G network (a partner of Sprints for similar services). In other words, both Sprint and Clearwire are shoring up and cutting cost to compete. Hopefully those savings will go to adding LTE tech to the Sprint catalog allowing you to get the best coverage/speed of any provider on the only network with UNCAPPED data plans. BTW I average about 40 gigs a month... streaming Netflix HD, Hulu plus, playing xbox and a large amount of browsing. I use it as my home connection because my only other option in DTLA is crappy ATT dsl that was overpriced, consistently slow, and now apparently going capped. To try and dismiss Sprint for being first by a year in a market that changes daily is just ridiculous.
  • The story on Engadget about Sprint switching to LTE states that all it takes is for them to switch out a broadband card and send out an update for them to switch the towers over to LTE.... http://www.engadget.com/2011/02/15/sprint-evaluating-switch-to-lte-over-...
  • Im a huge EVO fan, got mine at the Google I/O. I was going to root my phone because there are just so many things a rooted phone can do. But in the end I decided not to. My EVO does everything I need it to do unrooted, I can watch Netflix and catch up on Heroes, I connected a bluetooth controller and downloaded FULL HDMI EVO so I use my cell as an old school video game console on my big screen TV, its the family video camera for home movies, and a hundred other features that make me glad I own it. On paper the EVO 3D has better specs, the main tech specs blow the regular EVO out of the water, 1GB ram vs 512 MB, 1.2 GB dual core vs. 1 GB single core. The other features are pretty much the same. And the kickstand is gone. Im not sure if its enough for me to waste my Sprint upgrade on. I never realized how much I used the camera, but when I did, the downgrade issue turned me off. Despite having 3D capability, how often am I actually going to use the 3D. Its a gimick, not a selling point. So if I disable the 3D feature and just want to take normal pics, I now only have a 5MP camera instead of the 8MP that came with the regular EVO. This issue will only affect those who really use the camera, otherwise this is the phone to get. EVO has been one of the best Android phones out there, and I personally feel only until the Thunderbolt came out did any phone really compete. Samsung phones are weak, the UI is horrible, OS upgrades are slow and not realiable, Motorola come close but is behind HTC. There arent any other strong phone manufacturers that are showing forward thinking like HTC.
  • So you are obviously an EVO pro....so you know that going from 8MP to 5MP has nothing to do with Picture quality. If you've used your camera/videocam as much as you say then you know its complete trash compared to the iPhone 5mp (i hate the iPhone but damn if they didn't do a great job at the video/pics). I play old school games as well and sometimes with the bigger games it chops a little. Also...who doesn't want to move up to a N64 emulator from a SNES emulator?? You'll need bigger processor/Ram though. Trust me, 95% of the people out there regard this as an extremely worthy upgrade. Oh also an expanded blue tooth library is a big improvement for more BlueTooth devices. Ever try and connect a wiimote to your EVO?
  • You should also note that the highest resolution you can record on the 4g is 720p bit with the 3d, in 2d mode, can take videos up to 1080p resolution.
  • Number of megapixels has absolutely nothing to do with picture quality. For 99.9% of users and uses, 5MP is way more than enough.
  • Totally agree. I still have my Evo, and if it broke, I'd buy another one. I can upgrade if I want right now but I see me keeping my phone until at LEAST the end of the year. It does everything I want, and 3D to me is a gimmick.
  • It has dual quad processor meaning the phone is capable to upgrade the software and Shld be good for another 2 years instead of 1 year. Maybe best for you to hold off till evo 3 when they just don't use 3d and improve the megapixels. Up to you!
  • There is a diminishing return on number of cores. More than two in a phone is probably a marketing gimmick. Number of megapixels has absolutely nothing to do with picture quality. For 99.9% of users and uses, 5MP is way more than enough. There is really no reason to wait, except primarily for improvements in power use and battery technology. But those are SLOW to improve, so you will be tired of the Evo 3D by that time, anyway. Go for it.
  • Good job having the battery fully charged for the picture.
  • LOL! It's a pretty rare sight to see on an HTC device, isn't it?
  • I suppose some clarification is in order here... I wrote the review at like 1:30am after being at a conference all day and some good hours past when I played with it..
    When I mentioned by what the EVO should have been is mostly in regards to the full HDMI out and the more polished sense interface ... The camera and video quality are well above the og evo.
    I took quadrant and linpack scores today and can post pics later tonight. And the 4g radio seems much improved... The sprint Rep did warn me that it may not be the phone to get this summer as something even hotter is in the June pipeline ... he confirmed 4.3 in screen and HDMI out... and its not the galaxy 2....he said that's in the pipeline as well... Any way.... sorry I'm not a professional phone reviewer ..I just play one on the intenet
  • GREAT news about the camera/video quality. I think everyone has been lulled into thinking their smart phone can't function as a true pointnshoot camera solution. I would love to see this proved wrong. Also I want some video recording that isn't compressed up the YANG and is much higher quality. I have plenty of processor power and storage for this.
    /rant never the less, thanks for the clarification. Whats the story about the improved 4g?
  • But is the audio quality on the video better? Sense EVO 4G uses the AMR audio codec, even for 720p, which is 8khz; the equivalent to a telephone-quality call. For HD video it should be a minimal of 44khz.
  • Good question/point. Would love to know the answer...
  • Well, It's not always about the latest and greatest. I still love my EVO 4G. I am looking for the following in my next phone: 1. Better coverage for 4G/WiMax. This means a better radio in the device and more widespread coverage both indoors and outdoors. 4G works well where it works, but is just okay in other areas. I accept that. In my home market (houston) it works great. In the area I am working (LA) it is hit or miss. 2. Better OEM Battery. Faster updates. I don't have a 3D TV, so why do I need a 3D phone? I just don't see the need to use an upgrade or buy the phone outright at $199-600 or more. I could buy a laptop or tablet device. Too each their own, but I'm waiting for HTC to release a stable Gingerbread update for my phone, and CM or others to post a rooted version based upon that kernal is released. until then, I'm sticking to my rooted EVo with CM7 and keeping my upgrade and money!
  • Well I already put my $50 down at radio shack n can't wait...by the way when the evolution WAS release a yr ago there was nothing like it so I don't know where that Guy was, maybe he was in the future before us...
  • I gotta admit , the EVO 3D looks ALLOT better in this picture than the pictures back from CTIA
  • Can you make a short video an post it??? Plzzz lol
  • How the battery life (that what I want to know)?????
  • Let me ask everyone this: How often have you seen an early adopter put up a review for something they've got and say "I got it early! It sucks!" Hype, people. Not saying it's going to suck, but the kid just got it and is all psyched. I'm sure people who bought the Virtual Boy first said "It's AWESOME!" and look how that turned out.
  • I can't wait for this phone to be released!!!! I can't wait to replace my current EVO!!! The specs are AWESOME!!!!! Hopefully it's battery efficient. http://www.facebook.com/home.php?sk=group_149827275086419