Every Santa Tracker app for Android phones, ranked

Every Santa Tracker Ranked hero
Every Santa Tracker Ranked hero (Image credit: Joe Maring/ AndroidCentral)

If you have little ones who are anxiously awaiting the arrival of Santa this Christmas, then you might want to look into getting a Santa tracking app. This is a great way to get them excited, and you can also use it to make sure they go to bed before he gets there. There are dozens of apps out there to choose from, but not all of them are the best to use or the greatest quality. I was able to find all the trackers out there, and here's exactly how they rank in terms of usefulness and fun.

1. Google's Santa Tracker

Source: Google

It's no surprise that the best app out there for tracking the man in the big red coat is the one made by Google. Not only does it allow you to track Santa, but it comes with fun activities for your kids to do leading up to his arrival. You can play fun games like Elf Maker or Penguin Dash, and you can watch cute videos the elves made.

It even has a countdown to takeoff, where the tracker will unlock on the app and you can watch him make his way to your town. It's the best all-around app for getting into the mood for Christmas with the whole family.

Google Santa Tracker

Google's Santa Tracker

Enjoy all the Christmas joy that Google has to offer with this Santa tracker. From games and videos to the Santa countdown, this app will surely get you in the spirit of the holidays

2. Santa Tracker

First Class Media B.V. Santa Tracker home screen

Source: First Class Media B.V. (Image credit: Source: First Class Media B.V.)

If you're looking for something that has more of a spy aspect to it, then this app is a perfect choice. Although it only has a location tracker, a status check on the big man himself, and a Christmas Countdown, it's still a great option with a high-tech look. The status check for Santa will show you things like how many elves he's hired or how much milk he's had that day, which is a creative and cute spin on keeping up with the man in red.

The downside is the free version of this app seems to throw ads up every time you exit out of a screen, which can get annoying. If you want to pay to remove the ads, it's only a one-time $1 in-app purchase. If you give in, you'll be able to freely enjoy all the high-tech spy equipment you can see Santa with.

First Class Media B.V. Santa Tracker

Santa Tracker

If you want a more spy-themed tracker, then this is the perfect choice. You'll feel up to date until Christimas with Santa's status check and a Christmas countdown.

3. Speak to Santa

Source: North Pole Command Centre Limited

This Santa tracker has a lot of cool additions, with a countdown feature, Santa Sleigh Data, and different ways to talk to Santa right from the app. It also allows parents to set up a password so kids can't get into certain sections, which is cool idea.

As with the other apps, there is a paid version so you can unlock more features like North Pole News and Message Santa for $5. These features can help your kids feel more in-touch with Santa, but there is a voice call and video call feature on the app that you can use without the purchase. Plus, Santa's list is on the free version of the app, so you can show them if they're being nice or naughty. With all these add-ons, you can start your holiday on the right hoof...I mean foot.

North Pole Command Centre Limited Speak to Santa

Speak to Santa

This app is a great way to keep up with the big man in more than just his location. You can call him and video chat with him, and you're also able to pay to get other options like messaging and North Pole News.

4. Santa Tracker Christmas

Source: Onteca

This Santa tracker is not as great as the others on this list, but it's not bad either. There are quite a few activites, such as fun games like Flappy Reindeer, and a Santa blog that is frequently updated. You can also pay $2 in the app to unlock a calendar and send a letter right to Santa, as well as access news coming right out of the North Pole.

The biggest downside is once you're on a screen like the games or Santa's blog, it's hard to get back to the main page. The buttons are finicky so they don't work unless you press it a few times or just completely exit out of the app. Other than those work arounds, it's a cool app.

It is a great way to keep your kid busy with those games, and tracking Santa on it is a lot of fun. There are times where it will show that he's just out, riding around, or working in the shop, so your kids can watch him throughout the month as Christmas approaches. Santa stays rather busy during this time, so this app lets you keep up with him and all the things he'll be doing.

Onteca Santa Tracker Christmas

Santa Tracker Christmas

With fun games to play and a blog to catch up on every day, this app is a great choice for you and your little ones. If you can find your way around the little bugs, this will surely keep you busy.

5. Christmas Countdown & Santa Tracking

dud3c Christmas Countdown and Santa Tracking main screen

Source: dud3c (Image credit: Source: dud3c)

When it comes to Santa trackers, this is one of the simplest options. It has a countdown until Christmas, and once the countdown is over, it will show you where Santa is on the globe. You'll see little Christmas presents pop up on the map as Santa visits the good little girls and boys around the world.

You can keep an eye on him as he travels around the world so you know when to tuck the little ones in when it's almost time for him to visit. Other than that, this app doesn't have a whole lot to offer in terms of fun Christmas activities or other information on jolly old Saint Nick.

dud3c Christmas Countdown and Santa Tracking

Christmas Countdown & Santa Tracking

If you're looking for a simple tracker to use on Christmas Eve, this is a good option. There aren't any activities and tracking starts on Christmas Eve, so it won't be usable until that time.

6. Iris by Lowe's Santa Tracker

Source: Lowe's Companies, Inc.

This Santa tracker is about as simple as it gets, with a Christmas Countdown at the top and different locations where Santa could be detected. However, that's about all it has in ways of tracking Santa, which is a bit of a letdown. You can't track his location as he goes throughout the world dropping off presents, or when he's coming close to your house.

Lowe's Companies, Inc. Santa Tracking

Iris by Lowe's Santa Tracker

This is a simple app. It doesn't show you where he's flying or when he'll arrive, but it gets the job done in time for Christmas Day.

7. Santa Claus Norad Tracker Simulator

Source: Smellow

This tracker is not worth the download, but it is a Santa tracker so we have to include it. When you go to the page, the only option is to start the tracker, and once you select it, you get a tutorial on how to use the app. You have to hold your finger on the screen while it "scans" for Santa. Once it loads, it will then show a map along with Santa's location on your screen. And that's it!

The thing that's rather irritating is that it will show Santa in a city around the world, even if it's days, weeks, or months from Christmas. It also only shows the same places on repeat each time you use it. For example, when I used it, I got Paris, Montreal, and Tokyo on repeat with no other cities coming up at all. It's also riddled with ads, so each time you go back to do the tracker again, you will be hit with an ad that takes some time to skip. So, sadly, this is not a great option when it comes to tracking Santa on the big day.

Smellow Santa Claus Norad Tracker Simulator

Santa Claus Norad Tracker Simulator

This is an app that I can't recommend as it's inaccurate. When you hold down on the screen, it takes a while to load, and it will say Santa is delivering presents even if it's weeks or months before Christmas.

Bottom Line

Santa trackers are a great way to get your kids in the holiday spirit and excited for Christmas morning. Google's Santa Tracker is the best option to go with since it's completely free and worth the fun activities that come with it. From games to play and videos to watch, your kids will love to play around with it while the days count down to Christmas Eve. Once the big day comes, they'll be able to watch Santa make his way around the world.

If you want something with a bit more interaction, even if you have to pay for it, then the Speak to Santa app is perfect for you. You'll be able to write to Santa messages, have a video call, and even see what the elves are up to. You can also download the Santa Tracking Station app which will give you an almost-spy look at what Santa is up to while you get geared up for the holidays. Either way, you'll be able to watch every step the big guy makes as you get yourself and your kids ready for the holidays.

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