Every Samsung accessory you can wirelessly charge with your Galaxy S10

Samsung Galaxy Buds
Samsung Galaxy Buds (Image credit: Android Central)

Samsung really knows how to blow away the smartphone market, and that's exactly what the company did with the new Galaxy S10 lineup. Not only do we now have an edge-to-edge display with a cutout for the front camera, but there are some extra goodies packed into these devices. Namely, the introduction of Wireless PowerShare makes it possible to wirelessly charge other devices, including some of Samsung's accessories. Here's a breakdown of which Samsung accessories can be wirelessly charged with the Galaxy S10.

PowerShare with everything

For the time being, these are the only Samsung accessories that can take advantage of Wireless PowerShare with the Galaxy S10. We expect that future accessories launched will probably include wireless charging, so this list will likely grow over the next few years, or as long as Wireless PowerShare is continued to be supported.

Right now, if you want the latest accessories to pair with your Galaxy S10, you'll want to pick up the Galaxy Buds and Galaxy Watch Active. These, combined with the Galaxy S10, will provide the best experience possible and allow you to leave the extra charging cables and other doodads behind.

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