Every character in The Mandalorian, ranked

Disney Plus's first and biggest hit to date has been the Star Wars universe series entitled The Mandalorian. While we've all gone goo goo ga ga for The Child, aka Baby Yoda, there is a whole host of other fascinating characters in the show. Here is our initial ranking of all of the characters in The Mandalorian, in descending order from worst to first. Do you agree with our assessment? Oh, and a spoiler warning is in effect. So, if you haven't caught up, you should!

The also-rans 32 through 13


Source: DisneyPictured: Jawas. (Image credit: Source: Disney)

#32 - Winta

Winta is the daughter of Omera, a villager in a krill farm on the planet Sorgan in the Outer Rim. She is cute but has a very minor roll in episode four, mostly limited to playing with The Child.

#31, 30 and 29 - Trapper Wolf, Jib Dodger, and Sash Ketter

These may be some of the silliest "human" names in the series thus far (Jib Dodger sounds like Jammie Dodgers, one of Dr. Who's favorite treats). These three minor characters come in at the end of episode six to lay waste to the space station that Ran Malik and Qin call home after Qin's rescue by The Mandalorian.

#28 Random Bounty Hunters

Nevarro is filled with bounty hunters whose names we don't ever learn, but this spot is specifically reserved for the group of three hunters who join Greef Karga in episode seven to take the Mandalorian to the Client for a final reckoning. Too bad they don't make it!

#27 - Davan

Davan is a lowly New Republic soldier who appears to be the only human crew member aboard the New Republic prisoner ship holding Qin (and many other prisoners). His indecision in the face of the prison break costs him dearly.

#26 - The Dathomirian

This was the muscular bar patron whom Cara Dune engaged with in a prize fight at the beginning of episode seven. It's no shocker that he loses!

#25 and #24 - Caben and Stoke

Caben and Stoke are two krill farmers also from Sorgan, who journey through the forest at night to find The Mandalorian to persuade him to join their fight against a band of marauding Klatooinian raiders who are terrorizing their village.

#23 - Riot Mar

This dude just made me mad. He was the one piloting the spaceship that chased after the Mandalorian at the beginning of episode five and was then shot down in a blaze of glory. Good riddance!

#22 - Jawas

These little robed robbers roam the deserts of Tatooine, taking everything they can get their hands on. Just once, I'd like to see a Star Wars character drop kick one into a canyon. Ooteedee!

#21 - Dr. Pershing

Dr. Pershing was a smarmy weakling of a character, but possibly not as evil as his former imperial co-conspirators. This was the dude who demanded of The Client and The Mandalorian that The Child be returned alive (granted so that he could perform experiments on it). Not quite Dr. Mengele, but not far off either?

#20 - Mythrol

Mythrol (played by Horatio Sanz) was the affable and rather disgusting first bounty found by the Mandalorian at the beginning of episode one. He is a member of a species that is part humanoid, part amphibious and is prized for their... musk. Eww.

18 - Q9-0

Q9-0 is a droid that is part of Ran Malik's crew whose job it is to expertly pilot the rescue squad to the New Republic prisoner ship and back. The droid has a witty sense of humor (at least, to me), but he loses cool points for trying to hurt the Child. Good thing the Mandalorian arrives on time! The best part about Q9-0 is that his voice is that of Moss from The I.T. Crowd!

#18 - Stormtroopers

It just isn't a Star Wars joint without Stormtroopers wreaking havoc. From episode one when we see a handful of troopers who look like they've seen better days through episode seven when we see more elite troopers (and matte black ones?), these soldiers are back in a big way.

#17 - Fennec Shand

Played by Ming-Na Wen (who I loved on E.R.), Fennec Shand is an assassin that the Mandalorian helps to track down and capture while his spaceship is being repaired in Mos Eisley, Tatooine (are there more than like, 10 planets, in this galaxy?). I would've liked to see more of her, but Toro Calican kills her at the end of episode five.

#15 - Peli Motto

Another great cameo appearance (this time by Amy Sedaris), Peli Motto is a scrappy mechanic in Mos Eisely. She and her goofy repair droids contract to fix The Mandalorian's damaged spaceship, only to find the Child walk right into her arms. She ends up being not only a good and fair mechanic but a great and doting babysitter as well!

#16 - Toro Calican

In the nearly lawless post-Empire world we find the Mandalorian operating in, it's no surprise that there are several scoundrels and double-crossers, and Toro Calican certainly fits this mold. Though he starts out episode five as a weak novice trying to gain guild membership, he eventually is tricked by Fennec Shand into double-crossing the Mandalorian. This... doesn't end well for Toro. Ah well!

#15 - Omera

Omera is the mother of Winta and lives in the krill farm/village on Sorgan. She has a relatively minor role, and the only reason why I ranked her this high is that I really hoped that her spark with the Mandalorian would've ignited into a romantic interlude. Who knows if he will ever return to her, but I'm sure I'm not alone in wondering what might have been. Sigh.

14 - Ranzar "Ran" Malik

Ran looks like a mixture of The Dude from The Big Lebowski and Fat Thor from Avengers Endgame, but he's not as cool as either. He hires The Mandalorian to shepherd a crew of former colleagues to rescue one of his gang from a New Republic prisoner ship.

13 - Mayfield

Mayfield is the nominal leader of the gang of bandits that Ran Malik puts together to rescue a colleague, along with The Mandalorian. He was a former sharpshooter for the Empire, but he maintains he was not a stormtrooper.

The secondary crew 12 through 6

Greef Karga

Source: DisneyPictured: Greef Karga. (Image credit: Source: Disney)

#12 - Burg

Burg serves as the muscle on Ran Malik's crew and, as a Devaronian, looks like a Star Wars version of Hellboy. There's not much depth to his character, but he sure can knock folks around, as Mando quickly discovered!

11 - Qin

Qin is a Twi'lek misfit and the brother of Xi'an. His friend Ran Malik schemes to rescue him from being held captive on a New Republic prisoner ship, with the help of the Mandalorian and a ragtag crew.

#10 - IG-11

I saw IG-11 described on a Star Wars wiki site as "naive" bounty droid, and I kinda love that description. We first encounter this droid in episode one when it and the Mandalorian lay siege to the compound where the Child is hidden, and right away you can tell that it is a bounty hunter to be reconned with. It does, however, have several moments of self-doubt and surrender (bounty hunter imposter syndrome?), and doesn't really question the Mandalorian when he says he's a guild member, nor does it keep its guard up when they discover the Child. IG-11 makes a reappearance in episode seven when we learn that Kuiil has recovered, repaired, and reprogrammed it as his personal robot butler.

#9 - The Client

We first see the Client (played by Werner Herzog) at the beginning of episode one, and again in episode three. It's unclear if he is a former imperial leader (he surrounds himself with former storm troopers) or a crime boss, but he has gravitas and a keen interest in the powers of the Force. By episode seven he's back and ready to reclaim the Child, only to be killed by Moff Gideon's troops.

#8 - Xi'an

Xi'an is one of a growing line of strong female characters in the series, though she is not exactly one to root for. She is a Twi'lek and a member of Ran Malik's crew trying to free her brother from a New Republic prisoner ship, and she obviously has a history with the Mandalorian. With her purple head (tentacles?), razor-sharp teeth, and mad knife-wielding skills, you don't want to be caught in a dark prisoner ship corridor with this one.

#7 - Moff Gideon

This character is said to be a former imperial governor, but his exact past is still uncertain. Appearing shrowded in mystery at the end of episode five, we learn by episode seven that he's the one calling the shots for the bad guys, as he kills the Client and has his forces capture the Child. What will he do next?!

#6 - Greef Karga

Greef Karga is the leader of a bounty hunter guild, and in a way, was the Mandalorian's boss. He is the one who introduces the Mandalorian to the Client, kickstarting the series. He also is the one who coordinates the efforts to take back the Child and capture or kill the Mandalorian. By episode seven, we see a more conflicted Greef, who now implores the Mandalorian to kill the Client and rid Nevarro of the former imperial forces now occupying it and stifling the guild.

The show stealers 5 through 1

The Mandalorian, Cara Dune

Source: DisneyPictured: Cara Dune. (Image credit: Source: Disney)

#5 - Kuiil

Nick Nolte lends his face and voice to this charming if odd, moisture farmer on Tatooine who helps out the Mandalorian more than once in his quest. Kuiil reappears in episode seven to help the Mandalorian protect the Child against the Client and his forces but ends up paying the ultimate price for taking those actions. When he died, it was very sad. I have spoken.

#4 - The Armorer

You could argue that this is too high a ranking for such a bit player thus far in the series, but I get goosebumps when I see this warrior-princess and the command she has over all of the Mandalorians. A true badass. She knows the way.

#3 - Cara Dune

Speaking of badasses, Cara Dune (played by Gina Carano) is a former rebel "shock trooper" who can hold her ground against any bounty hunter or warlord you care to throw at her. She's not all bravado, though, and shows a softer, knowing side with the villagers in Sorgan. Thankfully that's not all we see of her, as she joins forces with the Mandalorian in episode seven to go after the Client and rid the Child of its stalkers.

#2 - Mando

The Mandalorian, The Child

Source: DisneyPictured: The Mandalorian and The Child. (Image credit: Source: Disney)

While it's not clear what his given name is, the Mandalorian is called Mando (short for Mandalorian) by several characters in the series. He's the title character and the one we see the most of, and he's this close to being my favorite (you know who that is though!). The producers of the show did a fine job of creating a complex hero who is flawed in all the right ways. His personal experiences and history have shaped his moral compass, which guides him in his decisions and actions towards others throughout the series.

#1 - The Child

Let's just skip past this "Child" nonsense, this character is and will always be known as Baby Yoda. When it was first revealed at the end of episode one, there was a collective awwww heard throughout the streaming universe, and countless memes, Twitter accounts, and knock-off gear was spawned. I'd argue this is the cutest, most beloved Disney creation since baby Dory, Simba, or even the Mouse himself. In fact, when I'm not watching or re-watching the series, I'm busy ordering all the Baby Yoda things I can find!


So there you have it, my ranking of all 30+ characters from The Mandalorian thus far through the first seven episodes. I do not doubt that there will be some movement in the middle ranks, as well as additional characters being added, but, this is where I've landed thus far. What do you think? How different is your ranking to mine? I'd love to know!

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