Twitter has been rumored to be for sale for ... well, forever. The latest rumors claim that Google's in the running to acquire the social network — maybe this one will work out better than Google+ did. In further (and far simpler) rumor news, it sounds like Google may be planning to launch its own Wi-Fi router, but it won't be part of the OnHub brand. It also won't be part of Google Home, which is a separate device.

And now a little bit of carrier news. Verizon rolled out all of its advanced calling features to prepaid accounts today, further legitimizing the choice of going with a simple, cheaper plan from the carrier. With a compatible device, you can now get HD voice calls, simultaneous voice and data, and six-way calling. Over in the UK, EE is teasing upcoming phone announcements in October — I wonder what those could be? Go forth and catch up with today's news!

Google reportedly among suitors for potential Twitter buy

According to CNBC, Google (likely parent company Alphabet) is one of several companies, including Salesforce, considering a bid.

Twitter's board of directors is said to be largely desirous of a deal, according to people close to the situation, but no sale is imminent. There's no assurance a deal will materialize, but one source close to the conversations said that they are picking up momentum and could result in a deal before year-end.

Suitors are are said to be interested as much in the data that Twitter generates as its place as a media company.

TechCrunch reports that Verizon and Microsoft are also interested.

@Android Twitter account teases a "big day" tomorrow

The tweet shows an adorable bugdroid working with some baking supplies, joined by nougat, marshmallows and KitKats. (Missing lollipops, but whatever.) Today's date is significant as the 8th birthday of the HTC G1, but beyond that we're not sure what Google has in store for us.

Google could be prepping a self-branded Wi-Fi router

No, not an OnHub … something basically like an OnHub but with "Google Wi-Fi" branding. Android Police claims the $129 router will have some smart functions and can simply bridge together multiple units to scale up to a larger network. They also claim it'll come at Google's event on October 4.

Leaked pricing for Google Home and new Chromecast

Staying in the same realm, Android Police also has expected price listings for Google Home and a new 4K Chromecast, to be revealed on October 4. Not really surprising on either one — $129 for Google Home, and $69 for a new "Chromecast Ultra." The most exciting part is how they actually work and their big selling points, not the completely average pricing.

Huawei and Leica launch new innovation center for cameras, AR and VR

Huawei and camera brand Leica are stepping up their partnership. The two firms, which collaborated on the P9 series' cameras, are setting up shop in Germany. The Max Berek Innovation Lab will live at Leica's global HQ and focus on optics and software, in partnership with "German and international universities and research institutions." Interestingly, Huawei mentions that the two will also work on AR and VR solutions, as well as computational imaging — which could mean something like Google's Tango project.

Verizon brings HD voice and Wi-Fi calling to prepaid lines

The features that have come standard for postpaid lines are now available for those on simpler prepaid plans. Per usual, HD voice is only offered for Verizon-to-Verizon calls. W-Fi calling will require a compatible device and simultaneous voice and data is limited to certain areas.

UK carrier EE has a sign-up page teasing October phone announcements

Where you can be the first to hear about the carrier's plans to offer the phones. You can probably guess what phones they're expecting.