Epic 4G Gingerbread update moving along nicely -- EE19 is now in the works

It's not just the international versions of the Samsung Galaxy S phones that have some serious Gingerbread cooking -- Samsung and Sprint are hard at work getting a Gingerbread build for the Epic 4G ready for roll-out.  Case in point -- Android Central forums member qbking77 shows us a link to the latest entry in the testing process, dated May 19, at Sprint's website.  Of course we'd all be more excited if we had a ROM to download, but it's nice seeing a new one in the works.  It's Android 2.3.3, and has all the bells and whistles to go along with it.

If you're still rocking the Epic 4G, don't fret.  You haven't been forgotten.

Source: Sprint Epic EE19.rdf via Android Central forums

Jerry Hildenbrand
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  • SWEET! :)
  • Running EE03 with little bugs but as a daily driver... Very impressed and happy to see after the froyo fiasco... I would however like to see them update tw with the gingerbread update... Wishful thinking maybe but crossing my fingers nonetheless!
  • I caint believe it. I believe when I see it. I have an epic & I hope its true. But I doubt they will upgrade the epic b4 the evo.
  • I don't know about that. Sprint won't update the EVO until after the launch of the EVO 3D and isn't that some time in June?
  • It's not a race. As long as we get the update, it doesn't really matter if the Evo gets it first, second, or not at all. And if you want to believe it, go hit up XDA and install the leaked version for yourself. It's there, it works well, and even plays Netflix. Or so I've heard... :)
  • What do you mean "IF" you are "STILL" rocking an Epic 4g?? It's a good phone!!! How many more phones are superior to it? (that are available on Sprint?). It's STILL a very good phone
  • thank the lord baby jesus!
  • Nice, lets hope this rolls out soon.
  • Congrats on the impending update! Now if only we could get VZ to do the same for our Fascinates...
  • "If you're still rocking the Epic 4G..." Seriously? Must you really sound so condescending when speaking to people who own this phone? It's been out for a matter of months and you're already talking about it like it can barely make a call anymore. Just please keep in mind that not all readers of this website rush out to buy every new phone that becomes available every three days.
  • I can barely make a call now, the ec05 modem was complete garbage. EB13 doesn't let me download mail from my secondary gmail account, the stock email app is worthless. Sprint/Sammy have to push this out as a priority since froyo is barely functional and doesn't feel finished.
  • Wow. I didn't read this as condescending at all!! I think the point was that there is a small percentage of people here that use an Epic ( just like ANY phone here, there are just so many out that three is no phone that a larger percentage of people here use). And for gosh sakes he said "rocking", he didn't say "stuck", " limping along with", or "nursing". I think some of you might just have an inferiority complex.
  • I think the use of the word "still" changes the tone of the sentence to more than just "there's a small percentage of people using it." It sounds to me more like "if you're so uncool as to be using it." And as for an inferiority complex, I have an Evo, not an Epic. Just because I don't have the Epic doesn't mean I can't comment on what I took to be a somewhat mean-spirited remark.
  • I think that was a tongue-in-cheek line. Like how Top Gear would rate some really hot cars as garbage.
  • Calm down. Haha I agree with what you're saying but I don't think Jerry meant it like that.
  • This just in: Jerry hates the Epic!
  • Thats because Jerry has his hacked/cracked/overclocked/modded Nexus S. Don't worry Jerry I'm still your biggest fan! ;)
  • Also running EE03 courtesy of ACS for the past couple days. Lots of small improvements over FroYo, but also runs noticeably slower. I'm optimistic that this is simply because there is a lot of logging turned on in this early build that will be turned off in the release candidate. Seems pretty stable, though, and *so far* seems to have fixed the EC05 problem with my Bluetooth pairings breaking almost daily. One comment/plea though -- the email client sucks. Three seconds to open a long email, auto-correct and auto-cap don't work with the hardware keyboard (only in the Email app, oddly!), and the Send button is at the bottom of the email rather than the bottom of the screen. While that last change does net a little more real estate in the reading pane, it's irritating to have to scroll to the bottom of a long thread just to hit send. Almost would rather have the FroYo email client back.....
  • I did feel like my phone is a dinosaur. However, I think saying an inferiority complex is a bit much. Despite what non Epic owners think it is an awesome phone. Some need to stop phone bashing. We buy what we like for our own reasons.
  • How many months did Epic owners have to wait after being told Froyo was coming? How many delays? I wouldn't get my hopes up.
  • Yeah can not wait for it come out thanks for the news update I LOVE THE EPIC
  • Any word on whether ext4 support is coming with the next GB build?
  • EXT4 is probably going to hold off until the the official build.. No sense in the kernel teams hacking the kernel for EXT4 now only to have Sammy change it again before official release.
  • Thanks. Grrr, shouldn't have bothered formatting to ext4.
  • Thanks for this news, Jerry. During the dark days of SamSprint hating about the Epic4G Froyo release, I said that the best way for them to regain good customer relations would be to get gingerbread out before the Evo (or quickly anyway). Dammed if they might actually do it! I took the "still rockin" comment to mean "if you didn't get pissed enough about the froyo release to dump your Epic" I'm hoping for better battery life without having to load a 3rd party ROM.
  • Just wait until you guys see how were going to have to root with GB! Put it this way if you hated using Odin were afraid to you better make nice with Odin because I hear ADB/OneClickRoot is patched and over.
  • Anyone see this?
  • So...ha ha ..YES I am on a PrecEPICe with my EPIC....and will throw it off if the new update for Gingerbread doesn't fix my bluetooth volume....I can sorta put up with some of the other bugs and the fact that half of the android apps don't work well on this phone or for many non-Motorola phone(so I'm told). But this is not a bug but an app that has never worked. Hello! More than half of America uses bluetooth now and we sorta need to hear the voice operater so we dont call our boss's private number when we are trying to call home. This is my second Android phone...the first was a major mistake, this one is nice but im just not impressed when half of the apps out there crash or are crap with bad reviews???????????????????? Also how could they release a phone with such issues? Obvious to me that sprint want's my money every month but not as interested in one that works..yes i can make calls...and im SOOO gratefull that I can make a phone CALLLL wow...i pay this much to make calls or use a phone that I payed extra for!! LOL logic...waiting still for what I paid for...if not soon Apple and ATT will have my money.