Phil Nickinson

On second thought, perhaps the week before Christmas — which this year is two weeks before the New Year's holiday week, and three weeks before CES — wasn't the best time to uproot things when it comes to the daily workflow, but what the hell. What's done is done. After four years of working from home — in my bedroom, no less, losing my office once we had our second daughter — I've found a new office to call home. 

It's funny how it can take a while to get moved in, though. This is a job that can be done anywhere. I've done it from too many airplanes. From a train from Los Angeles to San Diego. A racetrack in the Detroit suburbs. Outside the U.S., from such faraway lands as Spain and England. Canada. Germany. France. The Netherlands. South Korea. Minnesota. 

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So what is it about these bare white walls that makes it all feel so different? I dunno. But I do know that I'm in an interesting place — the top floor will be dominated by the University of West Florida Innovation Institute — and am among the first third of private tenants to be working in the DeVilliers Square building, which is still undergoing its $1.25 million rehab. And it's located in the historic Belmont-DeVilliers area of Pensacola, which is seeing a pretty major revival. Plus there's an awesome burger joint across the street, as well as the Five Sisters Blues Cafe. So there's that. Maybe will have to set up a local meet-up at some point.

It's going to be a fun 2014.

Other thoughts on the week that was:

  • This Christmas week weather is ridiculous. High of 75 (and 100 percent humidity) on Sunday. Low of 35 (or lower) mid-week.
  • It's funny how many folks think smartphones are a zero-sum game. There's something for everyone, and this year has seen more excellent high-end devices than ever before. Just because we believe the Moto X is the best Android smartphone you can buy doesn't mean the likes of the Nexus 5 or LG G2 or HTC One or Samsung Galaxy S4 are bad phones that you shouldn't shell out for. Quite the contrary.
  • And the more I think about it, the more I think the LG G2 didn't get anywhere near enough love this year.
  • Glad to see ROM Manager quickly restored to Google Play, with all its stats intact. But it was disappointing to see such a public hanging of Google with only one side of the story told. (Though I certainly can understand the initial freak-out. I probably would have done the same thing.)
  • Bad Religion's "Christmas Songs" album is what Google Play Music All Access was made for.
  • Should have more info on our CES coverage coming up this week — but this is shaping out to be really interesting. It'll be nice to do something different, an not just run around like madmen trying to cover everything.
  • I'm thoroughly enjoying our "Through Glass" series. Makes me feel like a "normal" reader when editing folks from outside our normal circle. If you haven't checked out Jen McEwen's piece from this weekend, do so. And next Saturday's should equally great.
  • I don't know how long it will continue — but we'll keep it going until it's no longer interesting, I reckon.

Hope everybody has a good holiday break. But for now, let's get back to work.