Phil Nickinson

It's a working weekend, and we've got a busy week ahead. So I'll keep things short this week with some more quick hits. Here are a few things worth talking about:

  • On Thursday we'll be in San Francisco for Lenovo's TechWorld event. Look for loads of live coverage of, probably, this. And maybe some other things.
  • We'll absolutely continue to cover the mobile side of VR here, of course.
  • Really interesting read on Facebook's supposed response to Google+. I'm not convinced Google+ would have succeeded even if Facebook hadn't gone into "lockdown," though.
  • I am, however, still very worried about the growing "importance" of Facebook in so many facets of everyday life. Particularly when it comes to politics, and the disconnect between rhetoric and real life.
  • I love candid conversations with this president. And I especially enjoy the Q&A with actual voters.
  • Sooooo, about this Snapchat thing ...
  • I've lived in Pensacola nearly my entire life. (Save for a year away for college.) We're home of the Navy's Blue Angels. I joke a little when they fly in friends' towns, "Send 'em back safe when you're done with 'em." Sadly, this week, we saw why I say that.
  • As a news guy, there's almost nothing more frustrating than that sort of incident. The Navy isn't exactly forthcoming with information. Twitter was all but worthless — just everyone repeating the same unofficial things over and over.
  • A couple of nice shots of Muhammad Ali from a visit to Pensacola back in the mid-'90s. I remember seeing him (and his wife) speak at the Pensacola Civic Center on that visit. I never really had an appreciation for that scope of that man — wrong generation, I guess — but what a fascinating life.
  • I couldn't care less about the saga of the former Nest show-runner. Ship products. That's all.
  • Speaking of shows ... Preacher looks like it's gonna be pretty good. It's also fun to hear Brits with funny Southern accents.

That's it for this week. Gonna be lots going on Monday morning. Stay tuned.