Syrian refugee news on the Nexus 6

It's been a busy week. IFA 2015 in Berlin and the Moto X Pure Edition Style Whatever (pick your name and go with it — I did) launch seemed to be on everyone's mind. But there are far more important things happening in the world, even if you're a smartphone fan.

I'm talking about thousands of human beings looking for somewhere safe to live and raise their families. Desperate Syrians fleeing a war torn hell or squalid conditions in an underfunded camp. People, like you and me, with very simple goals — getting out alive, and living a better life.

We've all seen the images. Train stations in Budapest where people are facing off against officials unwilling to let them pass, or a child's corpse washed up on a Turkish beach, and the joy on faces when finally safe in Germany or Austria. Most everybody knows that something is happening, but this gets written off as a "Europe" problem, or misrepresented as a group of migrants in search of better economics.

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But apparently the world cares more about Samsung's new watch or a 4K-screen smartphone from Sony than we do about the lives of men, women and children making a dangerous trek through countries that don't want them there.

And that breaks my heart. We recognize that people want to know about new tech, and we work hard to bring you news from around the world in regards to it all. But remember your priorities, too. I'm not suggesting or soliciting your compassion, though I hope we all have at least some in our hearts. I just think we should all be better informed about the world we live in. The Internet gives us all access to most everything we would ever want to know. Use it wisely.

There's more going on out there than new Androids.