Much to be done today. Yard work. Swimming. Baseball. But, still a few thoughts on the week that was, and what's coming up.

  • Good read from Jen Karner on Android Wear and smaller wrists. (And, yes, you can always substitute "women" in there.) I show every new watch to my wife, who always has the exact same reaction — too big, but mostly too masculine.
  • And I've sat in many a meeting with (far too few) women who raise the exact same concern. (And not just about watches.)
  • Unisex tech is hard. Feminine-looking tech too often is patronizing. And the space constraints of wearables is a big barrier either way.
  • But that doesn't mean I don't want to see someone get this right.
  • An excellent read from @Chuq on "The Death of Reddit."
  • To me (and I'm hardly breaking new ground here) Reddit's really just a mirror of the Internet itself. It's as good or as bad as we choose to make it. There are some truly incredible subreddits. And some that are literally Hitler.
  • But saying "You can't have the good without the bad" is a cop out, I think.
  • So now's as good a time as any to thank the under-appreciated folks who keep our forums running, both today and in previous years.
  • And in more forum awesomeness, we've got some official CM support in our CM forum. Very cool for Ray & Co. to lend a hand!
  • And it's a good time to remind myself that we can all do better.
  • Speaking of the ridiculousness of the Internet, this is brilliant.
  • This is not brilliant (and also never going to happen).
  • Google Photos is still a little complicated.
  • I still don't totally get VR, but if you're in a city where they're demoing HTC Vive, you've got to go do it.

That's it for this week. See y'all Monday.