Power up while you drive with this $10 wireless charging mount

Waking up late for work and finding your phone in the red is one of the worst feelings. Rather than wasting time scouring for charging cables, the EasyAcc Wireless Car Charger Mount can make sure your phone powers up as you drive to work. There are no cables to fiddle with each morning, and it even keeps your phone mounted in your line of sight so you can use it for navigation purposes and more without dangerously looking away from the road.

What's so great about this wireless charging mount is that it's hardly any more expensive than a standard car mount right now! You can score one for only $9.99 at Amazon today when you enter promo code OOSJLUGR during checkout. That's a savings of $15 off its full cost, though it's been on sale around $13 for the past two weeks.

This fast wireless charging mount is a brilliant addition to any vehicle as it can power compatible Qi devices at up to 10W while you focus on your drive. You'll just need to enter its coupon code below during checkout to score this low price.

This fast wireless charging car mount is the perfect way to ensure your phone doesn't go dead while you're driving around, even when using resource-heavy apps like GPS applications. It's built to let you slide your phone into the mount to keep it secure all with one hand, and it can even rotate 360 degrees. That allows you to change your phone's orientation to portrait or landscape mode with ease.

EasyAcc includes an 18-month warranty with its purchases, as well as a USB-C charging cable. However, you'll need a USB car charger handy to power it up, as one doesn't come with this mount. To reach the fastest speeds possible, you'll want to pick up a Quick Charge 3.0 Car Charger.

Alex Smith
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