PlayStation's DualShock controllers are terrible and I hate using them

DualShock controller
DualShock controller (Image credit: Jennifer Locke / Android Central)

One of the first controllers I ever used as a kid was the DualShock 2. I hated it. Nothing about it felt comfortable to hold, and the way the thumbsticks were laid out threw me off. Nearly 20 years later, my opinion hasn't changed — much like the DualShock's fundamental design.

When the PlayStation 5 was announced, I had hoped — rather naively — that the DualShock's inevitable redesign could finally change my mind. While I haven't seen or held the controller yet, likely to be called the DualShock 5, early impressions don't sound too great. In fact, according to Wired, it just looks to be more of the same.

Source: Jennifer Locke / Android Central

I really don't understand Sony's thought process behind the design. The ergonomics are bad. It doesn't fit as comfortably in your hands as the Xbox controller (opens in new tab) does, the DualShock 4's light drains its battery — which is notoriously bad, and the symmetrical thumbstick layout doesn't feel natural. Even the triggers are lacking. They aren't shaped to mold around your fingers at a curved angle; they just abruptly come to a straight edge and drop off. It doesn't fit your natural grip.

Its giant touchpad does nothing of actual use other than take up space where a smaller button would have sufficed. Games generally aren't built to support the touchpad for anything more than a way to pull up a menu. It's a gimmick that's overstayed its welcome.

There's a reason a lot of premium third-party PS4 controllers — not always taking into consideration thumbstick position — look more like that of Xbox controllers, the Astro C40 TR (opens in new tab) and Razer Raiju Ultimate (opens in new tab) being two prominent examples. There's even one of a lesser-known brand that's just a wholesale ripoff of the Xbox One controller's design (opens in new tab). You'll be hard-pressed to find examples of the opposite where a third-party Xbox One controller looks like a DualShock clone.

The second I had a usable PS4 controller in my hands that wasn't the DualShock 4 was the second I realized I could never go back. As it stands my DualShock controller sits in a drawer collecting dust, which I only cleaned off to take pictures for this article.

Astro C40 TR controller

Source: Android Central (Image credit: Source: Android Central)

For everything that Sony does right with its hardware and software, I still can't fathom how it continues to drop the ball when it comes to the DualShock controller. A controller is one of the most fundamental aspects of gaming.

You can't deny that the next DualShock will pack some impressive features with haptic feedback and adaptive triggers, but those don't make or break a controller. The intrinsic physical design does. No matter how many bells and whistles you cram into it, there needs to be a solid foundation. And the DualShock doesn't have one.

Little victories

It isn't right to dismiss the DualShock 4 controller completely without acknowledging what it does well and where it bests its competitors. The Share button is a feature that I hope every company employs going forward. Gaming is a social experience now more than ever. The importance of being able to quickly share your favorite screenshots and accomplishments or just broadcast your gameplay to an audience with the press of a button cannot be understated. Sony was ahead of the curve on this one.

And its internal battery that can be charged via USB is something I hope Xbox will adopt as well. I hate wasting batteries, or using a controller until it's dead only to realize I don't have any batteries left. Sure, I could buy a separate battery pack, but it'd be even better if Xbox designed its controllers like that to begin with so that they are included in your purchase of a console. (Yes, the Elite Series 2 (opens in new tab) uses a battery rechargeable via dock or USB-C, but it's also $180.)

What do you think of the DualShock controller? Let us know in the comments below!

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  • The dual shock 4 is the best OEM controller ive ever had. I too have the Astro C40 but with symmetrical stick format and its also a joy to use. Ive always preferred the Playstation stick positioning as opposed to asymmetrical. When I briefly had an Xbox One I got an adapter to be able to use the DS4 and used it with the Switch as well.
  • Exactly, way better than that stupid huge box of xbox controller,dual shock,fits perfectly in my hands,like it was meant to be,
  • The reason you don't understand the thought process is simple; there isn't one. It may sound catty, but it's true. The DualShock controller wasn't actually designed, it's just a reaction to the Nintendo 64. The N64 launched with an analogue stick and a rumble Pak. And it turned out people really liked them. Sony panicked and crammed analogue sticks onto the PlayStation controller the only place they'd fit and for some reason have stuck with the bad, accidental design ever since.
  • Is there evidence to support this or just a theory? Nintendo originally partnered with Sony to create the PlayStation. It's just as plausible that they came up with their analogue positioning on their own. Nintendo didn't invent the analog stick design either. They just put it on the N64. It's definitely far from best implementation of it as well. The twin-stick analogue format has, however, stuck around as the standard.
  • This takes me back to the times playing Golden Eye using two controllers. I remember showing this option to friends and they all said it was too hard. It was amazing and eventually led to me abandoning the game as nobody would play against me any longer.
  • "I really don't understand Sony's thought process behind the design. The ergonomics are bad. It doesn't fit as comfortably in your hands as the Xbox controller does, the DualShock 4" Lol I Hate the ergonomics of Xbox controller lol not every people or gamer have big hands saying it, everything is a opinion and depend on every person hands
  • Actually lol the comment you replied to lol, mine, isn't opinion, it's fact. It's odd that you see it that way, because you need larger hands to comfortably use a PlayStation controller due to thumb position... You probably like it because it's what you're used to rather than because it's better.
  • There's nothing factual in your post other than the chance the sticks were actually added due to the N64. Literally no evidence supports that the Xbox controller is better. Just because you like it better doesn't make it factually better.
  • I have larger hands and I have been gaming for well over 30 years. The Xbox controller IS more comfortable than the dual shock. It's ok if someone criticizes Sony. Criticism is what leads to improvements.
  • I have PS4, and also XboxOne controller to use with PC games, I have to agree, i hate analog stick positioning on the Playstation, so inconvenient, Xbox one controller is so much better, analog sticks feel more natural to use, the only thing i hate is new implementation of battery replacement, they already had it perfect on old controllers, they should’ve make new Xbox One controllers like Sony did with Dual Shocks, charge the battery over usb, hopefully new version will be improved...
  • The psx was originally in development as a n64 add-on. Nintendo, as they like to do, tried to screw them. The psx was their response. Your theory falls flat bc Sony knew what Nintendo was doing looong before everyone else. Which is why the sticks were designed right by the D pad, within roughly an inch. Mean while, Nintendo placed theirs dead center. And used the awkward an inaccurate C buttons to control the camera. The original xbox controller was massive. The 360 controller was a huge improvement, but the ds4 is widely viewed as superior in all ways. Blindfold yourself and pick one up. Then press down with your thumbs. Your thumbs naturally come to rest on the joy sticks every time, by design. You actually have to contract your thumbs to reach the D pad and buttons.
  • I created a entire account to tell you how inaccurate and wrong you are lol.. “The psx was in development as a n64 add on “ ? No ,it was literally a name for what would have been the SNES CD ..Nintendo saw sega and NEC crash and burn with there own CD add ons and couldn’t agree with Sony about royalty splits ...and the OG dual shock WAS in response to the N64 ..nobody outright says it ,but I was around to see it first hand
  • mm I only post a msg y quote from this news,not supposed to replay to you. pd I don't take your theory as a fact maybe a opinion but no a fact have a nice day
  • I've been using the Xbox One's controller rechargeable battery pack for a year and the frequency I have to recharge it is obnoxious. The Dualshock 4 manages to still be worse, in addition to having worse range. I can pretty much sit however I want with my Xbone controller and not worry, but the DS4? Hoo boy, you better have line of sight. My PS4 even sits closer than my Xbox One, and it always has issues.
  • This is a highly irrelevant trash article. Talking crap about a old piece of hardware like its news, and linking a fancy aftermarket controller for icing on the cake. Lol.
  • Article is clearly click bait. Writer is getting a commission on sales of a over priced controller. And the article drops weeks before black Friday. Not a coincidence. Only people buying a ps4 this year are the people who have no intention of purchasing the ps5 at launch. $200 for a controller to an obsolete system which costs $200? Pass
  • Yeah, the Playstation DualShock is the design that all manufacturers need to be following. It is also the best OEM designed controller that I have also every experienced and I bring it over to play on the Steam box at a friend's house to play games so that I have a good controller there. The little trackpad though could be done without yeah. There isn't much need in that space. But, it's good to hear some differences in opinion out there against the popular review.
  • Still analog stick placement is horrible, Xbox One controller analog stick is more convenient.... I have both, so when it comes to playing FIFA, I choose Xbox One controller 100% for everything else Dual Shock is more than welcome
  • The symmetrical placement of thumbsticks on the Dualshock is the natural and logical position. I've never been able to play with the Xbox controller because of its unevenly placed sticks. Do Xbox fans have one thumb longer than the other?! If not then why place thumbsticks unevenly?!
  • I loathe the dualshock controller as well. It's absolutely terrible. (I'm also not paying $200 for a 3rd party controlled) Having both consoles I just play on the Xbox anytime I have the option. The Xbox controllers are so much nicer to use, the battery lasts longer and I can play longer while using it.
  • Are you saying you play longer than 4 to 8 hours in one sitting? The DS4 controllers have a battery life of 4 to 8 hours with continuous use. I can play for sittings day after day and charge it while im using it once it gives me the duelshock battery level low. BRUH.MP3
  • So basically what you're saying is you don't want a DualShock controller with better battery life and a more ergonomic redesign? You could make an argument that this article has some click bait in it due to advertising a 3rd party controller but some of the arguments made about the dual shock are valid. Your defense of Sony makes no sense unless they are paying you a salary.
  • 8 hours? Yeah, right. I have never gotten 8 hours out of a controller on any PS console. The DS version might be fine for casual gamers but it sucks for more robust continuous play.
  • 4-8 houra? Damn you must have ****** those batteries by constantly recharging instead of using the full charge before. Dude I have been straight up playing 24 hours with my friend last week and we still had plenty of charge left.
  • If you don't like the controller don't use it, very simple, it personally doesn't really bother me
  • Looks at Stadia controller, looks at dualshock. Seems Google agrees with Sony. Seriously this has been argued to death in gaming forums. Usually what happens is people who prefer Dualshocks hold controllers differently than those who prefer Xbox controllers
  • I know this sounds bad but you're holding wrong. Each other controllers your hands need to rest at different heights. They designed for that not to hold it like some other controller.
  • This article isn’t facts its opinions, they are both the same just with different mechanics, some are better that others but they’re still the same it’s just what you prefer.
  • Useless article. PS controller is the best!
  • You're right, the controller its awful, it doesn't feel right, and it's not comfortable.
  • I sort of agree, but to be fair the DS4 is the best Dualshock ever made. At least now it's passable. Everything up to the DS3 was abysmal.
  • Let us all stop fighting. No matter your preferred handle thickness, handle-pad angles and dimensions, or level of symmetry, we can all agree that the PS4's touchpad was a stupid gimmick.
  • I respectfully disagree. It's a matter of preference cos I find the PS4 controller to be more comfortable than the Xbox controller. The Xbox controller is too bulky.
  • If only DS4 had analog stick placement same as XboxOne... That’s the only reason Xbox One controller is more convenient to use....
  • Totally wrong I'm afraid. The Dualshock has the thumbsticks in the right place and it's Xbox that has it all so very wrong
  • I've never had a problem using either the PlayStation controllers, or Xbox. If there were a gun pointed at my head to choose, I would pick the Xbox design, but not by a wide margin. Both are comfortable and easy to use to me personally.
  • I love the DS4, this sounds like a you problem.
  • Sounds like an all around hissy fit by the author. I don't have the biggest hands, but I can use the PS controllers with no issue. The buttons are laid out fairly good, you can turn that light off, and the touch pad has multiple purposes. Personally I can use both the Xbox and DS controller. Useless article.
  • This is such an empty article. You have absolutely no substance. It is just opinion, WHICH IS FINE, but you present the opinion as fact. You dare talk about ergonomics? You don't seem to know the first thing about it. My hand literally fits around the controller naturally. Every button is in comfortable reach. The handle is a perfect shape to grasp. I cannot stand Xbox controllers. The thumbsticks suck. The concave design makes it harder to control and uncomfortable. The triggers feel awkward. The handles don't fit as naturally as the Dualshock. That's how I feel. Such a useless ranting article. Go post your frustrations on Reddit. Not a friggin entire article about it.
  • You're terrible and I hate using you. But really, I love the Dualshock design. The symmetrical layout works much better for me with basically any game. It's even more noticeable with 2D platforms when using the d-pad primarily. I even bought the SF30 Pro for the Switch because the Switch Pro controller has the dumb asymetrical design. I put up with the Xbox One's atrocious design just because of Game Pass (currently playing Outer Worlds, tempted to pay for it on PS4 just to have a proper controller).
  • I prepared to start ranting as soon as I saw the title. Now, I agree, the PS 2 controllers sucked, but Dualshock 4 was great. Xbox thumbsticks are way more akward to me, and it really just what we're used to. You can't just try to make other people hate their controller because you like Xbox controllers better. Everyone has different tastes, and we just need to go out separate ways and not make a big deal about it (Hippocratic yes, but needs to be said). The thing about it not being molded to fit your hands? Xbox handles and wide and uncomertable, again because of what I'm used to. Just don't pass opinion like fact and this would have never happened.
  • Xbox fanboy alert! This article stinks, symmetrical sticks are the way to go.
  • Much ado about an article intended to fetch clicks and push marketing links under the guise of encouraging discourse while generating controversy...
  • Well my DS4 controller is rechargable and came free with my PS4 can't beat that with a baseball bat. Imagine how much money was spent on batteries alone. They should change the touch pad to a usable gaming screen. That would change the gaming world in terms of mobility. Then Sony could start a OnStar type service to provide mobile internet like all the new cars do. Since they dropping TV service they should at least test that option in my opinion
  • What a weird article to write about one of the best controller designs ever.
  • Arguments about battery life are moot. These are all just opinions
  • Same. I have DS4s and XB1 controllers, and it's obvious just by looking at the direction of bones in my thumb: there's a natural line from the palm to the stick with XB1, and the modifications to that pose to wheel the stick are slight, whereas the DS4 forces my thumb into unhealthy positions at rest and in action. Another problem there is accuracy. I'm never in doubt with an XB1 as to what's a perfect up or down, left or right, whereas the crooking of my thumb on DS4 makes these points far from certain. Also, the D-pad position is poor on DS4s. It's the easiest thing when playing Rocket League to use D-pad combos for team quick-chat without breaking my play, but it can't be done as quickly on DS4. Playing God Of War on PS Now is clunky on DS4 because a 180 requires a down tap, and I need to stop everything to achieve that. It's bad.
  • You’re 100% right, my fingers hurt because of this stupid analog stick placement on DS4, Its usable, but not with games like FIFA
  • Yes. Obviously some people are fine with the DS4, but the fact remains that positioning of the sticks on DS is a legacy from the PS1 in 1994, when Sony was unsure how big a deal analogue sticks would be in the future vs the d-pad.
  • When writing an opinion article the use of 2nd person language weakens suppositions. Saying, something like " it feels wrong in your hands," as opposed to "it feels wrong in my hands," only serves to to cause a portion of readers to instantly dismiss everything said after that point. Those who are already disposed to disagree or on the fence and might be persuaded will turn against the writer. Such readers don't see themselves as included in the "you" because the controller feels fine or great to them and they stop reading or caring. I assume, at least on some level, these articles are written for the standard rhetorical purpose of trying to convince your reader of a given viewpoint. If persuasion is the goal, then it would behoove wruters to take some composition or rhetoric courses, or a refresher for those who already have, because this article reflects poor or atrophied persuasion skills.
  • This article should be titled “ how to spot a Xbox fanboy”. At first I was willing to choke down the garbage i surely knew was coming from this article. Trying my best to keep an open mind. However once I made it to the end all I was spoon fed was an advertisement for 3rd party controllers and a bunch of ranch covered poop. Well enough, I went to the comments to see what other readers were thinking sure enough fan boys from both sides, however this one comment caught my attention. “ there’s a natural line from my palm to the Xbox controller and I don’t have to crane my hand like I do with the DS4. So I get both controllers and I go back and forth holding them. No crane. You people do still realize the DS4 and XB1 have the right thumbstick in the same place right? But ofc I love the DS4 so I needed other opinions. I had my small handed wife test it. She chose DS4. I had my equally large handed brother tested, he voted XB1. If you main XB1 more than likely that’s your controller, same with PS4. All this jive jazz about the Nintendo controller and palm diagrams just leave it. It’s personal preference and a slight bias. Even if the choice is 100+ million to 30+ million.
  • Seems pretty obvious that it boils down to personal preference. The point of the article is, well, click bait? And we are here, aren’t we? They win. XD
  • I've been playing video games for a good 35 years now. Jesus Murphy I'm old. Anyway, I'm by no means an expert but I know what I like, and I like the Playstation controller better than the Xbox, I like it better than pretty much every other controller I tried over the years. I liked it since the first iteration an it got better every time a new one came out. To each is own, I guess. My 2 euro cents.
  • TL;DR: I don't like the dualshock because I don't like it. Buy this $200 controller so that I can get a commission off it. Thats it, I summed up the article in its entirety in 2 sentences. Here's my opinion: The dualshock is great, internal battery, long battery life, fancy little light that doubles as a flashlight when you gotta get up because its dark now and you gotta turn on a light. comfortable size, and weight, charging cables are cheap, and don't impede with gameplay slightly wonky triggers, but they still work. The best part? I could get 4 of them for about $200. This is an unpaid opinion and I will not get paid in any way if you agree or disagree with it.
  • The idiot who wrote this needs to burn in the fires of hell. The symmetrical thumbsticks feel completely natural and the only reason Microsoft never copied that layout with the original Xbox is because they feared they might get sued. This is well documented! The Dualshock was a groundbreaking controller on release the DS4 is the best version so far.
  • I've always hated the symmetrical thumbsticks. The "D-Pad" is rarely used, but the left thumbstick is used constantly. To put in an unnatural position for your thumb is just stupid. My thumbs inevitability bump together because of the way I have to stretch my hands to use them. The DS4 does feel much better than any other PS controller, but that's the best thing I can say about it.
    I also bought a used PS4 Pro, and thought the person had worn down the controller battery, so I bought a brand new one. Turns out the batteries just suck. I do like the built in/rechargable aspect better than Xbox, but if your battery sucks so much, it doesn't make it actually better to use.
    And for the life of me, I still can't figure out what people mean when they say their small hands for the DS4, but not the Xbox One controller. They act like the Xbox is still using the Duke design. Even with average/larger hands, the Xbox One controller for better than the DS4.
  • Bro are you kidding how do you type? How do you select your inventory you are dumb do you use the joystick to type xD you are stupid af.
  • Your thumbs bump together? I had to try that because it sounded so funny. Thats hard to manage. You must have huge monkey hands and a very weird way to play. In all my 15+ years on ps systems, I never had that happen..
  • The article is filled with opinions and it seems like the only reason this article was written was to sell some random third party controller to gain some profit.
  • Naw.. go cry somewhere else. We are all different. My wife loves the Dualshock 4 because she has small hands, how weird that you complain about having too small hands for it..
  • I like them all! The battery on Playstation is terrible but I'm not far from a cord anyway. I have a battery pack for my Xbox controllers that give me 40 hour controller life. But I'm mostly using the elite series 1 or right now the 2.
  • "here's a daft headline hoping to generate clicks. Please buy this overpriced controller by clicking on the link below so we get money"
  • I grew up using the PS Dualshock controllers and I can say from experience they're one of the most comfortable and intuitively designed controllers out there. I've hurt my hand using the N64 controller because its design doesn't instinctively tell you how to hold it. While I love the GameCube controller, its design was awkward to me at firs and took time getting used to. I've only used the X-Box controller a handful of times, but each time, I was met with discomfort pretty quickly. But the Playstation Dualshock controller had never given me much issue, even at the start. I can play for a long time using it without my hands wanting to fall off. The only exception is rapid button mashing, but that would never be comfortable regardless of controller.
  • Lol all I see is complaining the controller is just fine and comfortable the xtrash controller is bulky and feels cheap
  • I think it's more a matter of what you're used to, but as an xbox owner going way back who has also gotten a ps4 pro about 18 months ago, i couldn't agree more. I much prefer the xbox controller. I have smaller hands and don't find it too large at all. The triggers are shaped better, the thumbsticks are positioned better, and the d pad works much better than the dpad on ps4 controller. I'd go so far as to say i loath the d pad on the dual shock. I use the dpad in fighting games on my xbox one controller with no issues. The ps4 controller feels like a chore to use by comparison. Never understood the "xbox controllers feel cheap" argument. If anything, they feel heftier than the ds4. And as much as this is an opinion piece, there's no arguing that many third parties make xbox clone controllers for the ps4, wheras there are none (that i know of) making dual shock controller clones for xbox. I have a one x and a pro, and I'm most likely going to start off next gen with a ps5, but I'll be buying an xbox style controller for it because I've come to mildly detest the dual shock. Xbox hasn't done much right this gen, but they hit it out of the park with the controller. My 2 cents.
  • Well my thumbs are in the same place on each hand why would i want my sticks in difgerent places on the controller? Yeah I've used an Xbox controller, it didn't strike me as better. Did the trigger feel better for a racing sure but thats about it. The PlayStation controller could be slightly larger but that's my only complaint.
  • I like the dual shock 4 controller. to me, it's much better than the XBox controller. The XBox controller is unnecessarily big. I appreciate the symmetrical thumb sticks on the dual shock.. I do agree the touch pad thing in the middle is kinda useless but it's still kinda cool to me at the same time.
  • This article should read more like an opinion rather than trying to make their opinion read like absolute fact. For them those issues with the dualshock 4 are true.. but not to me. I absolutely love it and prefer it over other controllers. And I have an Xbox one x with one of those elite controllers.. which are very nice.. but I prefer my dualshock 4.... Oh and thanks to my CronusMax plus I get to use my ds4 with my Xbox one x.... But the beauty of it all is that we can love and use whatever God dam controller we want and leave it at that... My favorite all time controller though is my GameCube controller.. it's a beautiful thing that purple two hander
  • To be honest here, none of you guys nor this article is correct if you are positioning to one side of the argument here, PS4 dualshock or Xbox controller. As myself having a ps4 and an xbox 360, I must say I prefer the dualshock only because its symmetrical. But other people like to use other things that they are either used to or just like the intake of what the controller gives them. To where we are talking about battery life, the dualshock stands out short term however, even though I do not like XBox, their controllers are better for battery long term if they are not using a usb. The reason that I say this and it is a fact is because when you have a reusable usb for your controller, the battery may have its errors and issues when its used for a long time so if you are using new and fresher batteries for your controller, it would be better. I would also like to say that your hand size does not matter for your controller unless its really big or really small and in that case, neither the Dualshock or Xbox controller are. Its all about what is comfortable and right for you to choose which console or controller you would take.
  • Everything you say is true, don’t let angry people get you down. I hate how quick the thumb sticks last on ps4. Your hands get tired after holding that DualShock for a little while. Tbh, if the Ps4 controller was only just a little fatter, a little more ergonomic, it would make a world of a difference. Thank you for speaking the truth. Everything you say is only facts, I love it. 😊
  • As a lefty, I say: sod off. Go try playing a left-handed xbox controller. Bet you hate it far worse than a dualshock. The symmetry of a dual shock means I can remap the controls and it actually be useful. As for shoulder buttons, I am not enamored of any of them. Let's not even go to the weird hand cradle you have to do with the xbox controller is just irksome. Yeah, the touch pad was a gimmick that didn't pan out. Not sure what the complaint is about the lights, those leds don't take that much power, makes it easy to tell whose controller is whose after a pizza break, and they dont shine up in my face.
  • This article is a complete lie. DUALSHOCK Controllers are not "terrible" as this idiotic dunderhead claims. You want to talk about "terrible controllers"? Look no further than Xbox Controllers. They're ugly, cheaply made and they use AA batteries! Are you kidding me!? What is this, a wireless controller or a plastic toy!? Because that's exactly what I see when I look at Xbox Controllers.
  • It is cool if you don't like the DS family of controllers. Everyone has different taste and what they find comfortable, personally I love the DS controllers and the PS4 controller is easily my favorite controller that I have ever used but if you don't find them comfortable that is fine and there are many other options to suit almost everyone's needs.
  • I'm Pretty old school as I started gaming with the Atari 2600. I've been using PlayStation controllers since the very 1st PS1. Guess I'm just used to them. I hate the Xbox controller because of its lack of symmetry. So agree to disagree I suppose. Posted via the BlackBerry keyboard from my Pixel 3aXL
  • I disagree! You are new here but feel you are not a console user!
  • First of all.. You must be very bored. Or why are you releasing this piece of thought vomit about a product you dislike about 6 years after it was released? I also played with xbox and playstation controllers like most gamers have and its a simple one line statement that is true: its a matter of personal preference. I personally dislike the heavy, way too large xbox controller and find it really uncomfortable and not intuitive. But why go rant about it? You yammer on about the led light draining the "terrible battery". You are aware that 1. You can turn that light off. And 2. That LED lights consume almost no energy? Also, I just had a 24 hour game session with my buddy and both my controllers still had two bars afterwards. I must say, I have to charge them maybe once every four or five days if I play a lot. I dont agree with that being terrible.
  • I think this is a very transparent case of the author trying to boost visitor numbers by playing on the famous gamer wars between xbox, playstation and pc. Its sad to see that you need to resort to these tacticts. Oh I have nothing to write about, lets make an article about a product, half a decade old.. That will make all the gamers go crazy in the comments..
  • I use both ds4 and xbox controller. Ps4 on fighting games and platformers, because the symmetry and being smaller controller hence more accurate and finger travel) while xbox for long sessions of fps and RPG games.
  • I'm not a fan of the dual shock and haven't been for a while. I don't like playing FPS games on the PS4 for that reason.
  • It's awesome and 20000 times better than the Xbox controller
  • Wow. Terrible article and I hate reading it. You would expect Android Central to have some kind of filter before they put out opinion pieces like this. There is this thing you shouldn't discuss about. It's called 'taste'. Everybody has one and it may be different than yours.