Dropbox adds useful additions to software everyone already loves

The Dropbox app has received a healthy little update this afternoon, adding a trio of small, but useful, features to everyone's (well, most everyone — you know who you are) favorite cloud storage service. A look at the change log is in order, and they were kind enough to include one.

  • New notifications feed for quick access to recent activity
  • Send photos and videos to contacts (adds contacts permission)
  • New payment options for Pro (adds camera permission)

You've still got that horrible iOS-styled icon that everyone seems to hate, but you also still have everything else you liked about Dropbox. After fiddling for a few minutes, the notifications feed gets 5-stars, the sharing of pictures to contacts gets 4-stars, and credit card scanning to pay for Dropbox Pro gets the highest marks i can give. Make it easy for people to pay for your services, and more people will pay for them.

You probably have the update waiting in your notification bar, as there is no trollout at play this time — everyone can has Dropbox today. If not, click the link up yonder to get hooked up.