Droidcon NYC

A bit of news today from Droidcon NYC, which is scheduled for Sept. 20-21.

Square's Jake Wharton has been added to the lineup. There also will be talks from Google on the new Material Design language (and expect a "retort" from Tumblr, apparently) as well as Wearables. Vine will be on hand to discuss recording and playing video on Android, and emerging frameworks such as RxJava, Dagger and Flow/Motar will get some love.

"In US tech, the discussion is often around iOS, but it doesn't represent what's actually happening," said Kevin Galligan, CEO of Touch Lab, which puts on Droidcon. "Android is 85 percent of the global market. It's time to get it the attention it deserves.

"Plus, Droidcon NYC is an event I myself would want to go to. As an developer, I'd be thrilled if there was a convention in NYC that was run by the Android community rather than one single company. It brings up the chance to explore a richer array of topics and divergent view points. But the opportunity hasn't existed until now."

Registration is $100 for students, $265 through Aug. 15, $395 from then until Sept. 5, and $595 after that. And the fine folks at Touch Lab have slipped us discount code — use ACINSIDER25 to get 25 percent off your registration, which brings things down to $198 if you register by this Friday. Click this link to register.

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