Once your get your Droid X, you're going to want to consider a case. Cases help protect your Droid X from scratches and dings. Some cover the screen, others protect from the elements. Here's a handy guide:

Droid X hard cases

Droid X hard cases

Droid X hard cases offer maximum protection for the phone from nicks and dings while adding very little bulk to the phone. They should have access to all of the phone's ports and buttons, as well as the camera.

Droid X skin cases

Droid X skin cases

Droid X skin cases give you a slightly softer shell around your phone. They're flexible and anti-slip while allowing your phone to do what it does best.

Droid X Top Cases

Droid X Top Cases

Droid X Top Cases load vertically, to keep your phone at the ready. Many sport belt clips to allow easy access at your side, and they should all feature sturdy latch mechanisms to keep your Droid X safe on its journey.

Droid X Pocket Pouches

Droid X Pocket Pouches

A Droid X Pocket Pouch is a case that fits snugly around your phone but still fits in your pocket.  They may feature a belt loop or strap for alternate carrying methods, and they may feature snap or Velcro closures.

Droid X Organizer Cases

Droid X Organizer Cases

Droid X Organizer Cases let you keep all your important personal documents right with your phone. There's a pouch for the Droid Incredible, and another wallet-type section for your passport, credit card, identification, etc.

Droid X Golla Cases

Droid X Golla Bags

The Droid X Golla Bags line give your phone a cushy home, while adding a zippered pocket or two -- perfect for storing a bit of change or an ID or credit card.

Droid X weather-resistant cases

Droid X Weather-Resistant cases

You're going to want a Droid X weather-resistant case if you're thinking about taking your phone anywhere near the water or snow. Made specifically for outdoors use, they can protect your phone from water damage, UV rays and salt.