Droid Turbo picking up small additional OTA after the Android 5.1 release

Two weeks after the Lollipop update finally arrived on the Droid Turbo, we're getting another tiny update on top of it from Verizon. The small OTA is hitting Turbos right now bumping the software version ever-so-incrementally from 23.11.38 to 23.11.39. A check of the Verizon software update support documents show this as simply being the Android 5.1 update, leading us to think that anyone still on KitKat will simply be jumping straight to this version.

After installing we can't seem to find a single change from what was already on our phone with the last big update, and considering the extremely small bump in version number it's not surprising to have just under-the-hood changes. If you snag the update on your own Turbo and happen to find something of note, be sure to chime in in our Droid Turbo forums!

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